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Become Master Investor In 2 Years Wonderful Togbey: | Episode #94 –

Growing up, Wonderful Togbey believed in the same things we all do about growing up: Do good in school, go to college, and get a good job.


He did do things.


Wonderful became an engineer. but when he realized he didn’t like the road his life was headed. He wanted freedom with his time. He wanted the opportunity to see his family in Togo when he wanted. He had already missed birthdays, celebrations…and he didn’t want to miss anymore.


At a conference, Wonderful met a motivational speaker, Casanova Brooks.


Casanova Brooks offered a way for Wonderful to achieve all of the things he wanted. But the answer Casanova was sharing wasn’t a fancy app or tech solution like he expected.


It was real estate.


That one speech changed Wonderful’s life in under 2 years.


This episode is the wonderful story behind that journey Wonderful took from a dedicated engineer to successful multi-property real estate investor.

Become Master Investor In 2 Years Wonderful Togbey: | Episode #94 –


Here’s What You Missed

  • Why Wonderful ignored entrepreneurship in favor of an engineering degree…and why he went back
  • What got Wonderful into real estate
  • Wonderful’s specific strategy that took him from a scared investor to a multi-property owner
  • When real estate deals go wrong: Wonderful’s first problems in real estate (and how he solved them)
  • Why Wonderful is spreading the word about building money through real estate
  • Books and podcasts that have inspired Wonderful to stay on his path.to becoming a smart investor in under 2 years


Knowledge Nuggets

In order to make the successful shift Wonderful made from engineer to investor in under 2 years, he had to learn a few things:


{2:43] Entrepreneurial Mindset Entrepreneurship is not just about creating business ideas and making money from that idea. There’s a different way in the way an entrepreneur thinks. That mindset is what Wonderful had to learn.


[5:13] Real Estate Mindset While the entrepreneurial mindset is a different thing, real estate entrepreneurship is a whole different kind of entrepreneurship. Wonderful had to learn how a real estate entrepreneur (like Casanova) worked and how to use that mindset himself.


[13:33] Finding Your Investment Strategy  Yes, you need the right mind to start in real estate, but you also need the right strategy to stay in real estate. For that, Wonderful had to learn the tools and resources to start his journey and continue through the challenges


[20:26] Handling Obstacles  Every investor will face challenges. Figuring out a way through them is key to surviving as an investor. Find out what Wonderul’s obstacles were and how we was able to navigate his headaches as a first-time investor.


[24:16] Scaling Up  Once you have the process worked, the next step is building systems. Wonderful shares what he’s dong next and how he plans to grow his investment opportunity even further into the future.


Important Reads & Links

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not by Robert Kiyosaki


Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It by Christopher Voss



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