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Episode 10 – Rashauna Scott Interview

Rashauna Scott Interview & Transcript


Rashauna is a successful Chicago real estate investor and mentor, leading the “Flippin’ In Heels” an online community for women who are both seasoned and experienced real estate investors.

She shares with us her first contact with the idea of multiple streams of income, entering the world of real estate and her advice for people who are on the fence about diving into the investment world

On This Episode:

Her high school experience and first contact with the idea of multiple streams of income
Deciding to build good credit since the age of 17
Overcoming pride and asking for help
Close the door on “what if’s”
Identifying red flags on a business partner
How to raise private capital for a Real Estate deal
An anecdote about Landing a 150k investment from an Instagram post!
What do you find first: Capital or deals?
The strategy with the least amount of risk for your first Real Estate investments
Defining your niche in Real Estate
Becoming a resource for people around you

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