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DreamNation Real Estate Episode 47 – Krista Mashore: The 8 C’s of Video Content Creation That Sells

Have you ever thought of stepping up your game so you could sell up to over a hundred houses a year? You just have to be one step ahead of other people and do the things that will make you stand out in doing what you love.

In today’s episode, we’ll be learning from Krista Mashore the effective strategy she has been using that gets her to sell around 150 houses in a span of a year and how video content creation takes a vital role in real estate marketing.

Krista has been in the top 1 % of realtors nationwide for 20 years and she has sold over 2,200 homes averaging at 100 homes a year herself. She is a former teacher with a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Her passion for teaching and real estate is what led her to coach agents full-time.

Here’s What You Missed

Video content creation as a marketing strategy

  • “My video content is doing selling for me more than anything else.” (05:22)
  • “When I’m sleeping, when I’m on a vacation, my video marketing content is still out there reaching hundreds of thousands of people,  hundreds of hours of watch time on every video that I create.” (05:25)

Trying to be different from others

  • “So if everybody else was doing a black and white flyer, I was doing four-page colored brochures and putting like a little disc on my property with 50 flyers and marketing my things on TV and doing that way.” (07:49)
  • “I just have always tried to be very innovative and very different and I think that’s what has really helped me launch my career and get where I’m at today.” (08:10)

An effective strategy that converts

  • “We start out creating content relevant to what a seller might be going through.” (12:52)
  • “Number one, when they go to that landing page, there’s so much more likely to say yes, because they’ve already developed a relationship with me. They trusted click.” (13:42)
  • “I’ve done like 11 things that my competitors haven’t done.” (14:20)

Self-consciousness on video creation

  • “Everyone has their thing they’re concerned about.” (15:49)
  • “But it works, you just have to start doing it.” (16:20)
  • “And once you start seeing how well and effective that works, you’ll start getting a little bit more excited about doing video.” (16:48)
  • “So the point is that we all have something and people don’t like perfection, anyways. People like you to be imperfect. So if you don’t like money, don’t do it. But if you like money and you’d like to make an impact and you really want to serve people, then video is your best way to do it.” (18:14)

Setting up the systems for your video content strategy

  • “It’s just the first time that it took me to create it.” (22:44)
  • “It’s just a matter of thinking differently and understanding that as a real estate agent, we’re entrepreneurs and we’re business owners.” (22:50)

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Picking the right organization to join

  • “Quite frankly, the organization that you joined is a huge part of whether or not you’re going to be successful.” (33:42)
  • “But without that right organization, I think you gotta be careful because it is virtual and you might feel like the lone ranger and it might be difficult.” (34:03)
  • “So make sure that when you join an organization, it isn’t just because you know somebody or they’ve told you about it. Make sure you understand how they’re going to add value to you, how they can help you, what business tools that they have, the structure of what they’re offering.” (34:10)

Reaching the point of burn out and exhaustion

  • “You know, when you’re selling that many homes, even though I have amazing systems in place, I’ve got amazing workloads, but to be able to sell 150, 170 homes in a year without a big team of realtors helping you, it is a lot no matter how great your systems are.” (36:12)
  • “But there comes a point for everyone where you are going to get tired. And unless you’ve got money in the bank or your husband’s got a good 401k or retirement,  it’s going to be scary when you do.” (37:00)

Taking the risk and going out of your comfort zone

  • “Anybody can do anything if you just keep trying and not stopping and you got to figure out how to go over around through.” (41:53)
  • “There’s nothing special about those people that you see do it. They just do it. They just put themselves out there and they take a little bit more risk. So just start.” (42:57)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “What I would tell people is that you just want to let your community get to know you. I call it a community market leader.” – Krista (05:51)
  • “Marketing is attraction, attraction is marketing.” – Dean Graziosi (10:13)
  • “So perception is reality. And when you can position yourself differently, you know what you’re talking about.” – Krista (17:56)
  • “And I think that you have to really analyze who you are, have self-awareness and understand what your strengths are and then be able to partner up with somebody who capitalizes on wherever you’re weak at.” – Casanova (34:35)
  • “We all have that little regret, but the regret is not that you did it. The regret is that you didn’t go harder sooner once you figured out about it.” – Casanova (39:53)

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