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DreamNation Podcast 158 – Kyle Depiesse: How To Create Your Tribe

Are you part of the corporate world? Ever tried getting burnt out? Whether we’re part of the corporate world or not, all of us are prone to experiencing burnouts, and especially if we work longer than a normal day’s work. As a result, our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health are affected, including the health of those around us.

That was how our guest for today, Mr. Kyle Depiesse, felt when he was in the corporate world. In today’s podcast, Kyle will help us determine if we are on the verge of being burnt out and what we need to do to pivot and start something that will satisfy us and help us achieve financial stability.

Kyle had been in the corporate world for more than 10 years, working for other people’s dreams and future. But the time came when he asked himself this question, and you can ask yourself this too: ‘What am I doing with my life?’ It was when he realized that he should start working for his dream, and ultimately for his family’s dreams and future. He realized that he had to make his family his first priority.

That’s when he started to focus on his personal and career growth, sought the help of others who had the same mindset as his, worked on his passion, and eventually created experiences for those who were once like him. If you are contemplating change but are afraid to be vulnerable, sit back and listen to Kyle as he shows us the path on how to create our own experiences.


(2:03) Kyle Depiesse talks about his life as a family-man and as someone who works in the corporate world

(4:16) How burnout affected every aspect of his life and the people around him

(5:55) Kyle’s turning point: He got to realize that he needed to turn his life around

(7:10) How he was able to pivot and connect the dots for a new beginning

(9:48) Talks about how being vulnerable does not necessarily mean being weak

(12:58)Kyle Depiesseemphasizes the importance of having a mentor or a coach

(15:40) Tips on how to get yourself out of debt

(18:19) Why it is essential to have a budget

(19:01) Playing offense versus defense; increasing income versus cutting expenses

(23:44) Talks about creating experiences

(28:41) How Kyle started having an impact on other people’s lives

Here’s what you missed:

  • How to recognize burnout and how to deal with it
  • Know your passion and connect the dots for it
  • Why it’s important to have a mentor or coach
  • How to get out of debt
  • How to play offense and defense financially
  • Getting rid of the scarcity mindset

Kyle Depiesse: How To Create Your Tribe


Quotes/Advices from Kyle Depiesse


(4:27) When you’re burnt out professionally, it affects every category of life.

(7:42) Having someone to be there with you to help you through that process speeds up the process.

(9:13) Information is great. Knowledge is great. But application is what really matters.

(9:56) Being vulnerable is not weak. Being vulnerable is true strength.

(14:13) Look for someone who’s done a similar transition. If you’re in real estate, look for someone in real estate.

(19:44) Be resourceful and look for ways to increase income.

(20:11) It’s better to figure out how to double your income than to cut your expenses in half.

(21:32) If you focus too much on defense-cutting expenses, you will inadvertently develop a scarcity mindset.

(22:26) If you can’t manage what you’ve currently been given, why should you be given any more?

(29:10) The rising tide lifts all ships.

(33:58) Whatever I need to support myself are things that I have to do from a day-to-day standpoint.

(35:35) Action brings clarity. Keep taking action, even if it feels insignificant or small.

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