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Dreamnation Episode 193 – Shawn Anthony: Get People to Listen

Podcasts may still sound new to most people. However, they paved the way for dream builders to have an opportunity and a platform to share their messages and ideas. And if you want to explore the world of podcasting too, you should learn the do’s and don’ts to make people listen to your episodes.

It’s not too late to join the podcast game!  Get some tips from veteran podcasters such as Shawn Anthony of Schools Over…Now What Podcast.

Shawn has been standing out from the crowd as early as 14 and has shown the hustle mentality by becoming an entrepreneur, hosted events, and collaborated with peers to bring people together, reach a goal or serve a cause. Now with the School’s Over…Now What podcast and The Now What Academy, he uses his gift to bring together industry leaders to share their stories and wisdom.

Here’s what you missed:

The hustle mentality

  • “I looked back to like when I was 14, like the hustle mentality, it was installed upon me.” (01:59)
  • “…imagine a 14-year-old kid trying to throw an 18-year-old graduation party. I did it. Not only did we do it though, we did it and I made $6,000” (02:35)

The real true success

  • “If you look at your life, almost like a book with chapters, right? Like there’s different levels of success in what you might view success…(03:21)
  • “…seeing everybody graduate success to me at that moment was getting promoted so much.” (03:42)
  • “…I think the real true success was learning…realizing what mattered to me the most” (03:49)

Getting out of the corporate world

  • “I think what made me want to make the leap is realizing what I was capable of. And most important preparing myself for that type of leap.” (04:40)
  • “I think the biggest thing is this is that when you start doing things, people are unsure of, right? You gotta, you gotta look at the people that are making the comments and realizing they never done it before.” (07:24)
  • “, it’s okay to work for somebody… to work your whole life, to wait till a 401k reaches a certain point. So you can retire at 65 and you might die. Tomorrow is crazy.” (08:03)
  • “I’m still throwing events. I’m putting them together in a different way…I saw that I was doing too much for them, that I could do for myself.” (09:02)

The one shot to start it all

  • “…but episode seven, things change episode seven. I took my shot at a guy who was releasing a new book. I watched him all the time on Bravo, New York made all listening.” (10:19)
  • ” And he said, yes, And at the time, I didn’t think too much of it, but I said, okay, he has over a million followers. He’s saying yes to this now a lot can happen to this.” (10:36)
  • “He puts it on YouTube on his blog and found it blows up. And so I saw so many people commenting. Who was he talking to? Who’s pulling these questions out of him” (11:29)
  • ” I still remember one spot and I wake up in the next day and I had over 75,000 downloads. All the episode.” (11:50)
  • ” Be careful on who you’re pitching to and make sure, you know, it’s something that they truly, you know, that’s relatable to them.” (13:32)

The future of podcasting

  • “…podcasting is still the infancy stages” (14:10)
  • “…if anything has gotten higher, right, COVID hit right when COVID hit in January over 850,000. New podcasts were created since January” (14:16)
  • ” I think with clubhouse and all these other, you know, social media platforms, you just got to get in there and find out what’s really for you. What’s the tribe, the community for you spending time wisely. And if another app comes along, just participate in an app” (14:49)
  • “And then you got to go find them and you have to engage in that content and you have to be purposeful behind it.” (16:04)

How to create the tribe

  • “…I found out that really works for building a community is the ability to be who you are and not code switch.” (16:41)
  • “..cause you’re going to either repel or you’re going to attract that’s the key…” (16:56)

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 The hacks to consistency

  • “But I want to say that I read that the average podcast doesn’t last past 13 episodes. ” (18:18)
  • “And the first hack is who are you doing it for? What’s your, why?” (18:53)
  • “And I think also on being consistent, set a schedule” (19:22)
  • “…and then also to tapping into moments where people reminding you, um, just how much they appreciate it, you doing what you’re doing…” (19:37)

The formula of podcasting schedules

  • “So that’s the formula. The formula is solo, extra credit, two guests, and then it just keeps on going.” (21:30)
  • “So that’s the four-week whole layout, as far as like interviews there are days where I would just like interview a bunch of people.” (21:41)
  • “you gotta start figuring out a routine and a game plan that worked best for you” (22:15)
  • “I think in the beginning you got to find out working, you stay consistent at” (22:28)
  • ” I think if you don’t batch it, you’re guaranteed to either want to be burned out, to be stressed or three, really just be lost” (23:30)

One in a million guests

  • “Sometimes we get guests that come on and we think that they’re going to crush it. And then they don’t… Or sometimes you get that person that…of a sudden their story, their mindset, it blows me away.” (24:16)
  • “This real secret is getting somebody on a podcast who hasn’t spoken yet.” (25:09)
  • “…and for him to just spend that time with me, trying to understand more about me, uh, but then try to understand how he could help and talk the language he was talking. That’s rare.” (26:05)
  • “…very few people that you like, yo, that’s the real deal from the second you see him.” (27:33)

Proximity changes everything

  • “And, and it’s for me to always, I haven’t asked for that person yet or tried it’s because I’m ready to fly.” (28:22)
  • “…all about timing. A lot of the times people won’t say no, they’re just saying not right now. ” (30:01)
  • “I would literally go back into my Rolodex of all the people I’ve had on the show. And I would’ve just flew to everybody, but it, that proximity changes everything.” (31:26)
  • “The fact that they’re as strong virtually or the physical would be crazy.” (32:08)
  • “So yeah. I would definitely say that the impact is it’s definitely physical” (32:38)

You belong in that element

  • “… to take action, you gotta ask yourself, like, who were you like before, before, you know, people told you what wasn’t possible, what did you believe? What got you excited?” (33:32)
  • “…it is putting the blinders on and just realizing how dope you are.” (33:50)
  • “…you are worthy and you attract the right people because you deserved a moment” (33:56)
  • ” if you even have a thought, you belong in that thought and you belong in the element. So show up.” (34:37)

 Quotes and Advice from our host and guest: 

  • “…salary is a drug that people give you to make you forget that your dreams exist” – Kevin O’Leary, (05:34)
  • “…pay attention to what people say, you do the best with the least amount of effort.” – Shawn, (06:15)
  • “…stop overthinking that you aren’t worthy. – Shawn (12:49)
  • “They just got to take a shot. And that’s what I did.” – Shawn, (12:56)
  • “…even if you’re four or five or six, right. Think about those people that are ones, twos, threes, or even zeros. That’s just looking to take that first step.” – Casanova, (20:23)
  • “…money comes in exchange of value. What value do you give?” – Casanova, (20:40)
  • “You take more shots. The chances of them going in on a lot higher… but at the same time you got to do what’s best for you. You don’t want to overdo it. Otherwise you’re going to burn yourself out.” (22:59)
  • ” That’s the power of podcasts building relationships…maybe you’re not doing your podcast to monetize, right. Maybe, but when you are just doing your podcasting for it’s the build relationships” (26:47)

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