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DreamNation Episode 187 – Jubril Agoro: Experience the Nomad Lifestyle

Most of us working 9-5 in the office have most likely longed for longer vacation periods or a more flexible work environment. And for sure most of us got a taste working from home because of COVID19 and we bet you can definitely see the perks, right? What more if you can do your work while vacationing at the same time?

If you think having a nomad lifestyle suits you, then this podcast episode is worth listening to. Our guest, Jubril Agoro, shares with us how he leveraged his online experience and turned it into an opportunity to create a business that allows him to be productive while traveling the world.

Jubril is the founder of Agoro Marketing Agency and co-founder of “Live Richer Academy” together with Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche. He also founded Passport Heavy with the goal of sharing the joys of traveling with the rest of the world and helping other businesses do the same.

Here’s what you missed:

Realistic living

  • “I think one of my greatest, his skills is being able to see things, um, before other people are able to see them. And, um, and I’m also very confident in knowing. To follow my own gut.” (03:33)
  • “I’m a realist in the fact that I really pay attention to what’s going on in the world.” (04:40)
  • “If you’re in a bubble and a reality, I just try and see where the world is going. ” (05:59)
  • “…this is where I’m going, but that’s not my reality. Right. I’m talking about where I’m going or where I’m going back to.” (13:20)

No money, no voice

  • “…one of the biggest thing lessons I learned is when you ain’t got no money, You ain’t got no voice” (08:52)
  • “She was like, yo, why are you not? Why don’t you want to go to school and get like a real job? ” (10:04)
  • “Did you go to jail? You get a criminal record or something when she was like, why don’t you want that? This is how like stuck in the beliefs of like, yo, there’s something wrong with you.” (10:17)

Your source of inspiration

  • “And I tell you, man, there was a few things on, I be on YouTube almost like every day. I’d be. Searching like will Smith videos, like the motivational videos” (12:01)
  • “So he was like my, kind of my, one of my trading partners, as far as like, mindset to keep going, because you might it’s a lot. And so when I asked you to keep going back to Matt, I was like, yeah, I didn’t do this shit alone. Like, that was a big part of like someone as crazy as me dreaming.” (15:00)

Working while on vacation

  • “…most people, when they travel the world, you know, for two or three months, they come back broke because they’ve spent all the money you said, but you figured out a way where you could travel the world, you come back richer than you ever were mentally, spiritually, but also financially.” (17:34)
  • “I was working online before, so I was like, yo, I got the internet, but it was also a thing of like mindset because a lot of people might have all the things that they do, but they can’t get there mentally.” (18:02)
  • “And I went to go visit them in Hawaii and I was like, huh. They really, they really not going home. So they was taken off for Fiji and I was, so I was going back to Chicago” (19:02)
  • ” And I’m like really about to fly back to the shot. It’s snowing. It’s crazy out there. And I was like, huh, I don’t really have to. I’m not leaving, I’m not leaving.” (19:44)

New Nomad Lifestyle

  • “The whole, just save some money and go travel and come back and have to rebuild that never excited me.” (20:36)
  • “I don’t want to just see some pretty place and I’m not being productive and like having some kind of impact. And so I knew what the internet, I could still continue to build my businesses. And do everything while I’m traveling.” (20:53)
  • ” I tell somebody like if you was working remote, and this is one of your dreams” (23:41)
  • ” take that trip because your money’s still going to be flowing and then you can build your business ” (23:58)
  • “I’m a big advocate for this new nomad lifestyle…There’s so much opportunity out here. You could be living them.” (26:21)

The fallback route after being a nomad

  • “if I lost everything with the knowledge that I have right now, I would either. So I would look at, you know, what industries are moving'” (27:15)
  • “I would definitely start in something, you know, affiliate related or if I was good at building apps and, um, you know, you know, getting data.” (27:48)
  • “…but there’s so many different ways I do it, but I’m definitely leaning in with someone else, um, is what I would do on the affiliate side and build from there because you don’t need really any money to do that. You just need the skills.” (28:12)

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Build your business and scale up with the Budgetnista

  • “we could create like a membership site as well… what we could do could make, you know, make a lot, like in, have a lot of impact and help a lot of people, you really think that’s possible.” (33:32)
  • “I was like, and then, so it took what took four years to build the email list of 10,000 people. I in a Facebook group, the dream catchers, which are amazing” (33:51)
  • “… then we launched the LiveRicher Academy and, um, March of 2016.” (35:09)

Don’t get too comfortable

  • “I think that’s what a lot of people they’re just looking for that even initial rush to see they’re like, yo it’s possible. ” (38:00)
  • “More consistency in discipline, because that’s where the real magic happens is like, when you’re just consistent at it, like day in, day out, you’re continuing, you know, you’re continuously working and then you catch momentum, right? Like, ‘cause you can’t catch momentum if you’re not doing the thing on a regular basis.” (39:15)
  • “just not getting too comfortable…making sure that you stay hungry, making sure that every single day you find something that can motivate you, that can inspire you to go out there and try to reach another level.” (39:55)

Trust yourself

  • “…not that I’m saying I know everything, but I feel like I have a lot of the answers that I need within myself. And so I feel great power in just knowing that I trust myself” (42:03)
  • “But you learn a lot. I learned a lot though. Like I’m a contractor. If I’m around people that are smarter than me and I’m just shutting up and just listening.” (45:14)
  • “I’m always trying to soak up game,” (45:55)

One step at a time

  • “…everything starts small and everything’s one step at a time” (47:20)
  • “… this big wall, a big building completed, but the thing is, it’s one brick at a time. And then when you actually, should we look up, with the consistency, look what I’ve accomplished.” (47:43)
  • “I am very selective, who I allow to have my energy and who I give my energy to because those little slick comments that people can have, they’re not nice. They don’t feel good. They don’t move you forward to where you want to go.” (49:19)
  • ‘You’re going to have to be the one looking back at your life when you’re 70 80 and saying, man, I wish I would have done that.” (51:22)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “You see the money; you see the results. Like I am who I am. You see what it is? And so that I thank God that I had success out the gate. But there’s this other thing called humble. And so, um, God humbled me real without really quick.” – Jubril, (07:20)
  • “…don’t ever let anybody tell you, you can’t do something. ” – Casanova, (16:26)
  • ” I think every true creative and genius, everything’s about trusting yourself and knowing what you don’t have to really look for outside guidance ” – Jubril, (44:41)
  • “Sometimes you just got to take a chance on yourself because if you don’t, you’re just going to always say, what if,” – Jubril. (46:3)
  • “I believe that in my absolute soul, you have the gift to take yourself to the promised land, take your life to Heights.” – Jubril, (48:47)
  • “All these things help you along the journey. And then be very selective on who you give your energy to and who you allow in your space.” – Jubril, (49:00)

Jubril Agoro: Experience the Nomad Lifestyle

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