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DreamNation Episode 160 – The Doctor Dapper – Eric Jones: How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business

Ever wondered how to figure out when you’re supposed to make the biggest turn in your life? If you are here because you are interested in making a business out of your own fashion branding, you are in the right place. Today’s podcast guest, Mr. Eric Jones, will share to us the secret spices on how to be successful in branding your own fashion.

He will also talk about the possible struggles and winnings that you will experience along the way. We are going to hear some real business gems that would help us get going in this industry. If you are looking for a sign not to give up, this is it! So, get your notes and pen and start writing down what Eric is going to tell us in the podcast.

Eric originated from a simple family and had a humble beginning. But things just didn’t unfold the way he wanted to as he grew up in a harsh environment. Making this as his motivation, he was able to put up his own shoe business with his mother’s help.

His life went up and down when he lost three important people in his life, including his mother. He felt lost for a moment, but being the ‘Eric’ that he is,  he never gave up on his plans in life. Instead, these heartaches are what made him stronger and what made him give his all to make his business a success. Now, Eric is helping young and aspiring entrepreneurs to be like him.


Here’s what you missed:

  • Giving up is never the key to success
  • When to make a pivot and making sure that it’s a business and not a hobby
  • The importance of not sticking to just one profit
  • Believing in yourself because nobody else will
  • Being flexible in the when thing come in between
  • What sets you apart? What’s your story?
  • The essence of having a child’s mentality

Eric Jones: How To Use Social Media To Grow Your Business?



(1:47) Eric tells us his humble beginnings

(3:03) Why you should never give up

(3:37) Talks about the painful phases of his life as he lost his loved ones

(4:42) Getting into fashion

(6:27) Talks about the possible struggles when entering fashion

(7:56) How he gets to the world of entrepreneurship

(8:44) How Eric moved to LA from Arkansas

(13:02) Not taking a detour in life

(14:57) How our life attracts the things in our mind

(21:56) Eric talks about the importance of representation

(23:40) Reaching out and partnering with people

(26:27) How to enter cross-promotion or collaboration

(29:04) How to be branded the right way

(30:40) The secret to figure out how to stay ready

(33:24) Having a child’s mentality

(41:06) Eric advises aspiring entrepreneurs


(4:45) Whatever business you step into is going to be closely connected to your lifestyle

(7:00) You’ll never be paid what you weren’t working for somebody else.

(10:13) If you can’t believe in yourself, nobody can believe in you

(13:12) Your body’s a vehicle, your soul, the GPS, and the knowledge that you get from me is the fuel. You need to fuel that car and follow the GPS or your soul or your soul purpose.

(14:42) You are the CEO of your life.

(15:52) It has power in the tone and whatever I say is going to happen.

(15:59) No industry is too saturated.

(18:10) The winner focuses on winning and the loser focuses on the winner.

(24:24) Start now because what you have now is all you need.

(24:34) If you didn’t have everything you need in the previous moments, you wouldn’t even have this moment.

(28:42) Understand the difference between branding and marketing. Marketing is like asking a girl on a date and branding is a reason.

(30:33) If you don’t know yourself, your story, your lifestyle, your value offer your purpose, your niche, whatever, you’re never going to figure out how to stay ready.

(33:51) As a baby, we didn’t know what failure was. We’d get up. Like y’all going to walk and we kept going until we started walking.

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Eric Jones Website: https://www.thedoctordapper.com/

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