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DN225 – Eric Balance: Balancing Your Ego

Here’s a snapshot of a few things we talked about…

  • Has Intensity Always Been His Thing? [00:00:38]
  • His Backstory and How He Grew Up [00:03:39]
  • What Helped Him Get Through the Process of Rehab? [00:10:56]
  • How Love and Fear are Just Illusions? [00:21:27]
  • Why Do We Visualize Bad Outcomes More than Good Outcomes? [00:24:16]
  • The Impact That Writing Things Down Has Had on Him [00:30:10]
  • How Did He Lean into Being Vulnerable and Sharing His Life on Instagram? [00:33:17]
  • One Thing He Wishes He Had Implemented Sooner to Accelerate His Journey? [00:39:40]
  • His Advice for People Looking to Take Action [00:48:30]

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

In this episode, Casanova and Eric talk about his journey, how he overcame his early substance abuse and addiction, to overcoming his fears and conquering his ego, and how he is helping others do the same.

Eric talks about his personality and says that intensity is one of his biggest strengths. This helps him create certainty in the projects that he develops. He adds that it is important to powerfully contain it, and find a balance between the masculine and the feminine energy, something he had not been able to do in the past.

Talking about his backstory, Eric says that his experiences shaped his life. Growing up in a religious Roman Catholic household, Eric did not understand the ideas of right and wrong. As he grew, he rebelled because he didn’t love ‘in the box mentality’ and the societal conditions were something that didn’t make sense to him.

Eric fell into the wrong crowd, and started using and selling drugs, from the age of 16 to 19 years old. He used drugs as a gateway to detach himself so that he could be at this place of creativity and not knowing that the substance was not going to be the one that gets him into that creativity.

His ego totally took over and his spirit was getting crushed, until a conversation with his father one day opened his eyes and he decided to get into rehab, something he says, saved his life. He adds that being steadfast, and sticking with it was challenging but among other things, prayers greatly helped him.

Eric says that we actually are not these minds, we are so much deeper than that. Once he got out of rehab and started working, he stepped into this place of acceptance of himself, and acceptance of something greater. Following that, Eric went to the university.

After graduation, he worked a lot of different jobs. Eric says that he did everything that he could to figure out what’s the meaning of life. He realized that his purpose was to somehow get closer to himself.

Eric says that then he started helping other people really tune back into how they could speak to the people that they can serve. He started teaching them how to get away from their head, and back into their heart because the language of love is what all of the ascended masters from all of the religions spoke.

He says that he wants to be the bridge between people who have abundance of wealth and the people with abundance of wisdom, heart, and love. He is looking to build a retreat and a sustainable community in Brazil with this aim in mind.

Eric adds that the power of the quality of your questions determine the quality of your results, they determine the quality of your relationship through determining essentially the quality of your life.

He says that fear is an illusion. The only place that it ever exists is in our minds, and love is also an illusion, and the only place that it ever exists is in our hearts. He further adds that the ego and fear usually come when we don’t know, because we’re so attached to certainty.

He adds that we need to apply how we deal with uncertainty when we are going on vacations and apply it to our daily life as well. Eric says that once he realized that, he started embodying this place of executing, starting to talk about his dreams, started writing them, started to meditate, started to pray.

Eric adds that you have to recognize that those dreams that when you’re sleeping, those ones that exist inside of you, that that’s the actually true you. That’s the essence that needs to come out of you. He says that one of the things that greatly helped him was writing down his thoughts, and sharing what he felt like with others online on Instagram.

Talking about how others can share their true selves, Eric says that they need to ask themselves a few questions first. He says that if we can start thinking of other people as a result of the reason that we’re here and understanding that your own healing is actually the way that you heal other people, now you can actually merge consciousness of pretty amazing individuals around the world and lift up together.

Narrating the experience of Bufo medicine, Eric says that he felt like he was dying. He felt like his ego was dying and he had so much compassion for the ego. By the end of it, Eric realized that for so long, he was trying to prove himself to whom he had nothing to prove. He decided that expressing himself, which is the ultimate form of self-love, that’s what he should be focused on.

Eric adds that just doing things a lot faster, not allowing his ego, the story of his ego, of why he can’t do it, or the fear associated with it from holding him back, would have significantly accelerated his journey.

Talking about what helped him get online was by defining why he was so scared and why does he kept listening to everybody when the dream inside of him was living for a reason. Listening to powerful people like Tony Robbins was a huge catalyst in his life.

He says that when he came down to South America, he really understood the power of nature, of the indigenous, of what it means to like really work in unison, of a unified source, a unified collective, a place where we need to really tap into the energy of each other, of merging of consciousness.

Eric adds that he has read scriptures from different religions, in hope of understanding pieces of the concepts of the likeness of each of them. He further says that having that faith, that belief in yourself is the first thing that you need to see, and because if you are looking for an external circumstance to validate you, it’s not coming. Nobody’s coming to save you, it’s you, that’s going to save yourself.

Key Quotes:

  • “I realized the more that I could balance out this masculine energy that I kind of was all about was like focus, determination, execution…”
  • “My value only comes from my experience…”
  • “I really believe that my human body was listening to my spirit, but didn’t know how to really understand, like what to do to get into that place of altered state of consciousness to get to that place of oneness, or understanding to our creator…”
  • “[My father asked me] if you won’t quit this for yourself, at least quit it for your future self…”
  • “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference…”
  • “The divinity that you may see in somebody else, is the divinity that you see in yourself…”
  • “We do everything, our logic tries to make sense, but when we take action, it’s based off of, mostly off of a feeling…”
  • “In my life, the impact of writing things down, is like having a conversation with a third person, because you’re literally then able to recognize your thoughts, recognize your beliefs, recognize what you’re really feeling…”
  • “Most of my sharing is actually done online because I love people to feel what I’m going through…”
  • “I don’t have to compare myself to anybody else. In fact, I do myself a disservice if I do…”
  • “So, now I get to focus on how can I genuinely love every little thing about me, the tears, the laugh, the ego that shows up. And I get to discern that, and I get to decide like I’m just human…”
  • “Because we have these powerful minds, we need to learn how to use those minds as a force for good…”
  • “The ego only creates separateness, not unity…”
  • “I would love for you to see in yourself that you have this vision inside of you, this belief system inside of you for yourself, for others. It’s there to manifest a bigger, greater opportunities for you…”


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