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Growth & Profit Lessons From A Business Systems Consultant Josh Fonger | Episode #97

Growing up in a family that owned businesses, Josh Fonger always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur himself. However, there is a certain reason why he wanted to be one- he wanted to make the most money by doing the least work. It sounds great, isn’t it?


He always plays with angles, discovering which way is the most efficient. After all, time is very valuable, once we spend it, we can not take it back. Now, he and his team are helping businesses to build their own systems to be sustainable. Also, they are helping individuals who would like to help other businesses win, as a certified consultant.


So, if you are a small business owner who wanted to be different than the 98% of small business who fail before their five-year mark, be sure to listen to this podcast in full.


On the other hand, are you one of the many people who were laid off due to the pandemic we are facing right now, or are you one of those who are looking for another hustle, or simply those who are looking to pivot to another career direction? You may have find the perfect resource! This episode  gives so much value about it.

Growth & Profit Lessons From A Business Systems Consultant


Here’s What You Missed


  • What was Josh’s first career path and why he pivoted to being a business consultant
  • Why did Josh had negative view about business consultants, and why did he end up being one
  • Why do a huge percentage of small businesses fail, and how does having systems in place makes a difference
  • How to automate, delegate and delete, and why is it important for small businesses owners
  • Why consider being a business consultant and how you can be one



Knowledge Nuggets


At first, Josh felt business consultants do not help businesses, and worse, might even ruin it. But today, he sees great value in it, after having helped thousands of businesses get back on track. Here’s what he has to say about how businesses can win, and how you can win as a business consultant.


[7:12] Focus on what you can control. Months ago, no one predicted about the pandemic we are facing right now. These are things that we can not control. Focus on things that you`can control like your mind, your actions, things you do for your family and your business. Regardless of the turbulent things that are happening outside, the most effective use of our time is doing good work.


[14:49] Build systems for your business. Build the infrastructure with your team. This method will be more sustainable because it’s based on documented systems that the team builds.


[18:02] Recognize the system that are already in your business. Systems are always happening, you just need to recognize it. There is marketing system, an HR system, a sales system etc, see those as separate systems, optimize them and manage them as the CEO.


[19:53] Automate, delegate, delete. In small businesses, specially with soloprenuers, having an assistant is a must. Value your time at a high price. Think of the things you constantly do, and think, is this worth my time? If the answer is no, you should decide either to automate it, delegate or delete the task. Be the leader that your business needs, and not the assistant who does all the other smaller things.


[22:15] Small business often over complicate what it takes to sell. Instead of just making the sales and offers, small business sometimes think they need to put up their website, social media, branding, etc first before they could provide the value to their customers. When you’re small, that can be a huge distraction. Go right to selling, to giving value, and these others will follow.


[29:05] Consider being a business consultant. Everyone can do it, as an outside perspective with different knowledge and experience can do amazing work for a business who’s stuck in a loop.


[32:46] Do not be afraid to get started. Don’t get stuck in the rut of paralysis of analysis. The best way to get started is to connect with your friends or past employees and offer your services. You may start with working free for the first client or the first few months to get connections, tons of experience, and testimonials. Whatever it takes, just start.


Important Reads and Links



  • Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less


  • https://www.workthesystem.com




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