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Peter Sage: How To Keep Leveling Up In Difficult Times | Episode #92

Peter Sage is an international speaker, entrepreneur, and coach who works on some of the biggest stages in the world, but he didn’t start out that way.


In fact, he started out as a 16-year old dropout who knew he wanted to own his own future…without a job.

How to Keep Leveling Up In Difficult Times?

But he came across one cassette tape and that changed his life forever.


Now, 30 years later, he’s traveled around the world, created over 20+ companies, and been through lockdown (not because of the pandemic, but real prison).


Peter has plenty of advice, laughs, and high-level strategies from his experience that can help you through this trying time.


If you’re looking to make that mental shift towards the best version of yourself after the recession, then this podcast is where you want to start with.


Here’s What You Missed

  • The lessons from his parents that gave Peter a unique perspective on life
  • Why Peter decided to dive headfirst into entrepreneurship…without a safety net
  • Peter’s first business started with a mini Cooper and a few toys
  • The business that helped Peter scale to millions
  • The one cassette tape that changed Peter’s life forever
  • How do you level up in difficult times?
  • How do you change from a fear-based mindset to an opportunity mindset
  • Why we should be asking better questions
  • Why you need to appreciate this time in quarantine


Knowledge Nuggets

{2:00] Getting a PhD in Results  Peter grew up knowing that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Because of that, he had to adopt a different mindset, one that let him see opportunities where others didn’t. Peter explains what that mindset is and how he developed it.


[6:20] Accepting Reality One of Peter’s most powerful messages is that of acceptance. In order to get anywhere in life, we have to accept where. Peter learned that lesson from his parents, an atheist father and Catholic social worker mother. That unique upbringing would show up in his life in a powerful way in the future.



[10:18}Building Business from Scratch Peter didn’t have a business degree, but he knew that he did like business. He started with this mindset and was able to build 20+ companies with it. Tune into this section to hear about his mindset building some of those companies.


[14:07] Getting a Stronger Mindset  Peter had the businesses, but he didn’t really hit his sweet spot until he started coaching and mentoring….but that wouldn’t come until later when he came across some cassette tapes that he began to listen to regularly. Those tapes changed his life forever.


[32:28]Learning from Adversity  One would think that Peter would have been able to avoid adversity with his 6-figure companies, successful speaking career, and more. However, success does not excuse one from adversity. In this part of the podcast, Peter shares how he made it through really tough times (like prison) and how his experience can help you during this lockdown.


Important Reads & Links

Earl Nightingale’s books


Jim Rohn’s books


The Inside Track by Peter Sage




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