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Your Brand is Your Credit: Leveling Up Your Personal Brand to Boss Level | Episode #87

If you’re trying to do anything in the online space or with your career, “personal brand” is one word that you are sure to come across.


But what is your “personal brand”? Do you need a personal brand? How do you build a personal brand?

Casanova breaks down the vague (and often overused) term into the 3 most important components that you need to look for while building your own brand.


Here’s What You Missed

  • Why is it important to build a personal brand?
  • The 3 essential parts of any personal brand
  • How do I develop my brand?
  • Why the number 86,400 is important to you EVERY SINGLE DAY
  • How to level up your brand with the right ingredients


Important Podcast Moments

[1:55] Appearance

[5:06] Behavior

[7:30] Communication


Important Quotes to Remember

“Branding is like credit.”

“Our days are made of energy. That’s it.”

“If you’re not aware, the brand can fall faster than it’s ever grown.”


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