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From 26 Properties to Real Estate Millionaire Chris Bruce – Episode #86

It takes guts to what Chris Bruce did. He walked away from his job with no vacation, no sick time, and no guaranteed plan that his plan to become a real estate investor would ever work.

He had 26 properties and one on those properties required $1,000 that he didn’t have. He survived both obstacles and learned how to make millions.

How to Become Real Estate Millionaire?

The incredible story of how he overcame both problems with a specific real estate strategy (wholesaling) is the focus of Casanova’s conversation on DreamNation, but it’s not all they talk about.


Casanova and Chris talk about how to make money through real estate without leaving your computer, how to turn your knowledge and skills into cash today, and how to build systems that keep your money flowing in the future through email and sales funnels.


If you’re looking for a real estate investing strategy for people who don’t have a lot of money or need a way to turn your skills into online cash, this episode will give you the tips and ideas to get started today.


Here’s What You Missed

  • How Rich Dad, Poor Dad changed Chris’ life…and inspired him to leave his job
  • What is wholesaling?
  • Can I get wholesaling from my computer?
  • How do I turn my skills and experience into cash online?
  • Email lists-Why do I need one?
  • Sales funnels too?
  • Why friends and mentors are your greatest assets (outside of your brain)


Important Podcast Moments

[1:17] Origin Stories: Chris’s life as a child of a struggle & hustle

[4:14] What inspired Chris to develop his hustle skills?

[5:24] Flipping homes

[10:40] What is wholesaling?

[13:23] What mistakes do people make in wholesaling?

[15:31] How do people get started with an online business?

[18:10} How do I turn online knowledge into cash?

{21:14} How do you build an email list? Why are they important?

{24:00} Sales funnels-Why do I need one?

[27:08} Friends and mentors are powerful assets


Important Links to Check Out

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

The Obstacle is the Way

I Can’t Make This Up

Guest Bio

Chris Bruce is a real estate investing professional, author, podcast, entrepreneur, and educator who escaped his 9-5 through a real estate empire that started through wholesaling and house flipping homes.

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