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From Rebel to Real Estate Millionaire: Gogo Bethke Interview | Episode #85

Gogo Bethke began in a world without entrepreneurs. A world where you were told to just do your job and go home. That’s it.

But Gogo was never the kind of person who likes orders that limit her.

She left home at 14. She arrived in America at 21. She became one of the top realtors in her state. She became the owner of her own real estate business and got recognized as a “social media queen” for her social media marketing skills.

She did all of this because she was never the kind of person who likes orders that limit her. But she is the kind of person who likes guidance that leads to her destiny.

Find out how Gogo did it and in the process, learn how you can do it. Gogo drops some knowledge on what you need to go to reach whatever goals you have for your life

How to Become Rebel to Real Estate Millionaire?

Here’s What You Missed

  • What led Gogo to leave her home for America?
  • How Gogo went from bored stay-at-home mom to top realtor in Michigan
  • The right way to leverage social media for your business (specifically real estate)
  • Real estate and Instagram: Have we tapped the potential?
  • Why learning about money is different than earning money
  • Getting guidance on your goals
  • How do you know what your next step is after you set a goal?
  • How do you stay motivated?
  • What ONE book changed your life as an entrepreneur?


Important Podcast Moments

[1:10] Origin Stories: Gogo’s journey from 8-year old Romanian girl watching 48 Hours to Top 3% Realtor in Michigan

[10:00] Changing environments for the better: Why Gogo left home at age 14 for a better life…and how she actually created one

[19:43] Gogo’s unplanned move into real estate

[28:28] The power of social media in real estate

[31:00] More than 8 sources of income?

[32:09] Why more agents should max out on Instagram


Important Links to Check Out

Greatest Salesman in the World


Guest Bio

Gogo Bethke is a top-selling realtor and owner of her own real estate business in addition to serving as a social media influencer in the real estate industry.

Gogo Bothke’s website

Gogo Bothe’s on Instagram

Gogo Bothke on LinkedIn


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