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How to Survive in Coronavirus | Best 5 Tips Podcast #83

Whether you are an employee or entrepreneur, you’re probably wondering: What will I do now?

With the spread of coronavirus, many people have experienced things they have never been through before. Many of us are quarantined at home and not able to school or work. Other people are wondering how their business will survive without their usual flow of customers and cash flow.

Casanova took a break from doing an interview with top entrepreneurs and influencers to share some tips he’s learned about surviving through hard times when your job or your business is affected. He’ll cover what you need to do today to take control of your day when everything around is so unpredictable.

Tune in on what you can do today to start recovering before the crisis ends

How to Survive in Coronavirus?

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Why Casanova believes NOW is the best time to start a new business
  • Creating a daily routine that will keep your business afloat
  • Why you need to get in front of customers NOW rather than later
  • How do I successfully work at home if I never did it before?
  • Why you SHOULD be selling your business even during the pandemic


Podcast Stopping Points

[3:30] Everything starts with taking action

[8:00] Casanova’s personal work-from-home routine

[9:20] Communication when you work from home

[12:35] Building a successful business during a downturn

[15:45] Sales in a downturn


Resources to Check Out

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Coronavirus Small Business Guide

Coronavirus Job Resources By State

Some more inspiration: Casanova’s episode of the Dropping Bombs podcast


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