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Podcast Mastery Tips from a High School Student – Jacob O’Connor | Episode #82

To be successful in podcasting, most of us believe that you need money, awesome communication skills, and the right connections.

Jacob O’Connor didn’t have any of those things.

He was a high school student who loved basketball and was in a business training program.

But, he did have one thing….He had the confidence

That confidence is what propelled him through those first 10 episodes when his voice was shaky to the interviews he is holding with some of the biggest names in the podcasting industry.

His story is perfect for anyone who has ever thought about starting a podcast. Jacob will share why he got started, how he got started, and how he was able to get on big shows so early in his podcasting career.

.Podcast Mastery Tips from a High School Student.

Here’s What You Missed

  • How do you learn to podcast?
  • What equipment do I need?
  • Why podcasting is more popular than YouTube and blogs
  • How do I get my first guest (that isn’t my Grandma)?
  • Networking to get influencers on your podcast
  • Biggest challenges
  • Confident & podcasting-How do I start podcasting if I’m scared?


Important Podcast Moments

[1:49] Origin Stories: Jacob’s journey from high-school student to podcasting master

[3:07] How did you get into podcasting…and why?

[6:15] Where did you learn to podcast?

[7:34] The popularity of podcasting

[9:44] How did you get your first guest?

[14:17] What gave you the confidence to start a podcast?

[16:07] Biggest challenge

[17:33] What’s one big goal you want to achieve as a podcaster?

[20:00] One piece of advice for newbie podcasters


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Guest Bio

Jacob O’Connor is a high school student who is obsessed with basketball, student-athlete, and podcast host of the Venture Mentality

Venture Mentality on Apple Podcasts

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