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Flipping $7.25 per Hour to a 7-Figure Empire – Joshua Crisp | Episode #80

Joshua Crisp grew up with everything stacked against his future as a billionaire: growing up poor in a single-family household, high school dropout, working minimum wage jobs, and no business training.

He became a 7-figure earner, in spite of that.

How did he do it?

Why did he do it?

What can you learn from his story?

Find out the incredible story behind the man who made $10 MILLION through Amazon FBA and then went on to create a best-selling course to teach others and then went on to even bigger and better things.


Here’s What You Missed – Joshua Crisp

  • Why a hustler’s mindset (even as a poor kid) made him a better entrepreneur
  • How Joshua found his “one million dollar” idea
  • 3 keys for finding profitable products for Amazon FBA
  • Building secure money with real estate
  • Joshua’s 3 Pillars of Success: The principles he used to power through hard times
  • Can you STILL make money on Amazon
  • Why don’t entrepreneurs have time for anything?
  • How to work with a mentor
  • How to level up your life


Important Podcast Moments

[1:20] Origin Stories: Mark’s journey from marketer to expert sales guy

[8:13] Experimenting to find your hustle

[9:00] Making the transition to Amazon

[11:57] How do you find new products?

[12:14] Top mistakes entrepreneurs make online

[16:46] How do I build financial security when the online business world changes so much?

[19:32] Why did you choose Amazon?

[21:40] 3 Pillars of Success

[24:16] Can you make money on Amazon?

[27:40] What lessons have you learned?

[30:00] Managing your time like a boss

[38:12] How big are relationship in helping you grow?


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Guest Bio

Joshua Crisp is an Amazon Private Label expert, course creator, and real estate investor who built a million-dollar empire while working at a minimum wage job.

Joshua Crisp

Joshua Crisp on Instagram

Joshua Crisp on YouTube


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