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Having the Right Mind for Sales – Mark Hunter | Episode #79

Without sales, there is no business. Without repeat sales, there is no hustle.

For many entrepreneurs, getting consistent cash flow stems from another problem, sales. We either don’t have enough sales or don’t have the right systems to keep growing those sales (and end up hitting a drought).

In this amazing conversation, we talk with Mark Hunter, an international speaker and expert on sales, on the key superpowers your business needs to have to become a sales-generating machine

Having the Right Mind for Sales


Here’s What You Missed

  • How expensive car insurance got Mark into sales
  • Balancing your sales & marketing to stay in business
  • How to develop as a sales person
  • Why your closest friends impact your success
  • The top mistakes entrepreneurs make in sales (and the easy solutions to fix them)
  • Why your most limited resource is not money, but time
  • Why you should always be looking for the RIGHT customer
  • How to grow your business with more sales

Important Podcast Moments

[1:16] Origin Stories: Mark’s journey from marketer to expert sales guy

[8:05] Should I focus on marketing first..or sales?

[11:26] Growing your sales skills

[25:14] Avoiding the “peaks and valleys” problem in sales

[31:41} How do I stay competitive?

[33:03} Growing your sales

[35:21} Understanding the sales mindset


Important Links to Check Out

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

From Good to Great by Jim Collins

CapCon 2020 (Use promo code “Casanova” for discount)


Guest Bio

Mark Hunter is an author, international speaker, sales trainer, and consultant who developed his sales expertise after a career in corporate sales. After building that extensive sales experience, he created his own business, training and consulting other companies on high-level selling techniques and strategies.


Mark Hunter’s website

Mark Hunter on LinkedIn

Mark Hunter on Instagram

Mark Hunter on YouTube


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