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Linking Your Network to Higher Profit : Frank Aziz | Episode #78

Most of us use LinkedIn to connect with groups, find jobs, or promote our expertise and skills, but there’s an untapped side of LinkedIn that you’re probably not using.

That’s why we talk with Frank “The LinkedIn MBA” Aziz.

Are You Linking Your Network to Higher Profit

Frank, a former salesman turned master networker and LinkedIn pro shares his experience on Linkedin and provides tips on how to build and scale your brand, your business, and relationships.

Tune in if you’re ready to 10X your LinkedIn relationships to the next level.

Here’s What You Missed

  • Why a dedicated master salesman became a LinkedIn marketing expert
  • The difference between sales and branding (and why you need both)
  • Why McDonald’s needed billions to built its brand…but you can build yours for free
  • A new marketing strategy that many sales pros aren’t using yet
  • Why you shouldn’t hate on marketers or sales people
  • Using Linkedin to find investors
  • Mistakes people make on LinkedIn

Important Podcast Moments

[1:27] Origin Stories: Frank’s journey from potential boyfriend to Cutco sales master to LinkedIn wizard

[3:00] What made you decide to be an entrepreneur

[9:13] How did you learn to master LinkedIn?

[16:08] Should I be selling or building my brand?

[20:04] Using podcasts for sales?

[22:23] Decision-makers and gatekeepers

[29:00] Top LinkedIn mistakes

[34:41] Personal brand-

Important Links to Check Out

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

From Good to Great by Jim Collins

CapCon 2020 (Use promo code “Casanova” for discount)

Guest Bio

Frank Aziz is a skilled salesman who mastered LinkedIn networking and relationships to become a highly sought-after consultant on LinkedIn. He is a recruiter, business partner, and CEO of “The LinkedIn MBA”.

Frank Aziz’s website

Frank Aziz on LinkedIn

Frank Aziz on Instagram

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