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Failure Builds Character in Business – Peter Taunton | Episode #77

In the world of business, success is often measured by money. News stories, celebrity magazines, and social media posts regularly millionaires and billionaires like Richard Branson, Daymond Dash, and others…because we want to be just like them. We read their books. We follow their morning routines. We repeat their words.

Failure Builds Character in Business

We do this because we see their success. We want to become what they are.

But Peter Taunton, the successful multi-millionaire founder of Snap Fitness, asks us to look at something else when we watch these successful people.

He asks us to look at their failures.


Because, as he says, failure actually makes you more on an entrepreneur.

Find out why in this powerful episode.

Here’s What You Missed

  • How to teach your kids about business….at age 8
  • How Peter turned a business failure into one of the most fast-growing fitness brands
  • How to deal with critical moments in life when someone challenges your leadership
  • Growing your business fast
  • How to bring charity into your business in an authentic way
  • Do you EBITDA?
  • Learning through failed business
  • Connecting with old friends after your success
  • Finding your inspirations

Important Podcast Moments

[1:11] Origin Stories: Peter as an 8-year old business man

[6:49] Creating Snap Fitness

[9:16] Prepping your business

[10:37] Critical moments in your leadership

[16:55] Peter’s 3 common sense rules about business

[18:52] Scaling Snap Fitness into a global empire

[35:49] EBITDA

[31:30] Niche -ing down for success

Guest Bio

Peter Taunton created the concept for Snap Fitness after turning a business failure where he was paid $16,000 and given no marketing budget into a career of rapidly building and scaling fitness businesses (most notably SnapFitness) and other brands.

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