Episode 75 – Travis Chappell: Turning Your Story into Full-Time Profit

In order for Travis Chappell to become a top 100 full-time podcaster with access to some of the most influential players in the online world, Travis had to step away from a safe job that everyone planned for him.

In order to build his massive online presence and start making money, he had to find a message and build a podcast without experience in podcasting, the right connections, or marketing.

When Travis accomplished his dreams, Travis realized something about success: You learn by doing, not by waiting.

If Travis had waited for a sign to follow his dream career, he would never have left his safe job in ministry.

If Travis had not taken that first step in podcasting, he would never have become that influential podcaster that he is.

That is the power of owning your story

By choosing the path you take and the story you believe, you can learn to dream bigger and achieve higher.

Find out how Travis did exactly that and how you can turn your experience, skills, connections, and message to start making more money and making a bigger impact on those around you.

Here’s What You Missed

  • Breaking out of your comfort zone
  • How to deal with people who shut down your dreams (including family and close friends)
  • Communicating with haters, naysayers and people who don’t (or can’t) see your vision
  • Building a personal brand..when you have no connections or experience
  • How to monetize your brand
  • Growing your brand into a successfully profitable business
  • How can I start a successful and profitable podcast from scratch?
  • Top 3 reasons to start podcasting NOW

Important Podcast Moments

[1:30] Travis’ childhood and the career path he was supposed to follow

[6:14] A part-time entrepreneur making thousands in college

[11:42] Making the shift to a different path in life…when everyone doesn’t understand you

[17:44] Relationships after you start chasing your dreams

[19:20] Jumping from door-to-door sales to something unknown

[27:15] What was your podcasting strategy?

[36:20} When did your podcast start making money?

[41:38] Starting a successful and profitable podcast from scratch

[59:52] What were some new books that have recently inspired you?

Guest Bio

Travis Chappell is a preacher’s kid who discovered his passion for entrepreneurship in college as a part time door-to-door salesman for solar products. After graduating with a degree in ministry, he transitioned to  podcasting, eventually building a speaking career, a podcast production business, and the wildly successful podcast called, Build Your Network.

Travis Chappell’s website

Travis Chappel on Instagram


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