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How To Conquer Fear | Podcast Episode #74

Throughout our life, we’ve all had moments where we say things like “It would be cool if I could….” or “I would love to..”

But for some reason, we don’t.

We tell ourselves that we don’t have the time, we don’t have the resources, or the skills, or the mentor. We come up with any number of excuses to explain away why we’re not actively going after our dreams.

But, there is one common factor behind every single excuse that you will ever have:

Deep down, we fear failure.

But, failure is often the best teacher. That is if we know how to take the lessons.

In this episode, Casanova shares how we learn to transform those lessons from failure into a life that is closer than ever to the life of our dreams

Conquer Fear: What You’ll Learn in This Episode


  • Where does a fear of failure come from?
  • Why are excuses a sign of fear?
  • 3 Questions we should ask EVERY time we fail
  • Why failure isn’t the worst thing to happen in our lives (even though it feels like it!)
  • Why athletes and other high performers often fail at their big goals
  • Why failure is necessary for your success

Play it Back: Key Moments in the Podcast 

[1:40] A behind-the-scenes look at fear of failure


[3:30] Why excuses are symptoms of fear


[5:00] 3 fear-busting questions you should always ask


[7:32] Why you can’t give up on failure


[8:52] Why you need failure to be a success


Resources to check out

The Obstacle is the Way

Power Quotes from Our Casanova

You can have results or excuses, but you cannot have both.”


“Failure is only there to allow you to build character.”


“When you first enter the league, it’s very hard to get a championship.”


“What confidence leads to is action.”


“You can’t fail at your destiny.”


“Your goals and dreams are always meant to be in pursuit.”


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