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How To Bounce Back after a Huge Mistake with Keir Wimer | Episode #70

There are plenty of articles that cover how to recover from a failed job interview, business interview, or sales launch,


But how do you recover and thrive after going to prison…for the accidental death of one of your friends in one horrible accident?


Keir Weimer had to find out.


In this powerful episode, you’ll hear Keir’s powerful return to author/entrepreneur with 6 businesses and a life of purpose after prison, living on his parent’s couch, getting rejected by 6 graduate schools, and working a year without a single sale.


What You’ll Learn in This Bounce Back Episode?

  • Why risk taking and failure are NECESSARY if you want to be an entrepreneur
  • Moving past the fear of taking risks
  • Why everything is sales
  • How Keir recovered after prison, rejection, and a year in business without a single sale (He made millions the next year)
  • Taking full ownership of your life….no matter what happens in your environment
  • The reason every habit matters
  • Finding your purpose after a big mistake
  • How to rebuild your life, day by day


Podcast Stopping Points

[1:44] Keir’s childhood and its impact on his life


[5:13] How and why did you take the leap into entrepreneurship


[7:06] What if I’m not good at sales?


[11:00] Keir’s BIG, life-transforming mistake-


[15:57] Keir’s new pivot in life…and what powers that mission


[19:20] What was your “Aha moment?”


[22:32] How did you develop your business and relationships after prison?


[28:04} One resource that leveled up Keir’s mind

Power Quotes from Our Guest

“There is a risk when we go after our dreams.”


“That belief in my own resourcefulness gave me a lot of power.”


“We should remain teachable, but be resourceful and resilient.”


“I look at sales as a way to add value and be the connector.”


“I made a horrible and fateful decision to drive us all home…On that trip home, we got into an accident and my friend passed away.”


“I said ‘You know what…at 30, I’m going to create a life I’m proud of.”


“When we develop a vision for our life, we can work through anything.”


“We can choose who we’re friends with, where we spend our time, and what behavior we engage in.”


“Our behavior becomes our legacy.”


“When I forgave myself…that’s when the world opened up. Every day has gotten better.”


“Nobody makes it on their own. We are a collection…”


“No matter how many doors are shut, don’t ever give up…There’s always a path.”


“Don’t try to take on the world in one thought or one idea.”


“Just do the next right thing.”

Resources to Check Out

Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

About Our Guest

Keit Weimer is a real estate investor, best-selling author, luxury real estate business owner who rebuilt his life on purpose after serving time in prison for the accidental death of his friend while in college.


Keir Weimer’s website


Keir Weimer’s new book

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