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How To Leverage Frustration | Episode #69

Many people have heard about the money-making power of real estate and want to dive in, but they’re afraid because they don’t have the money, knowledge, or connections to get started.


Chris Senegal was in the same boat. He took the corporate route to the “American Dream.” He got the good grades, got the corporate job, and made the big money as an engineer.


But he noticed something.


Everyone, especially his bosses and supervisors, were unhappy.


They had reached the top of the career ladder, but found it empty.


Chris decided he needed to get out.


He ended up choosing real estate as his exit strategy….without lots of money or connections…as a beginner.A journey that involved flipping houses and turned into a crowdfunding and socially transforming real estate empire that he uses to mentor others.


Find out more about how Chris was able to jump into real estate and what he advises for anyone looking to upgrade their entrepreneurship to the next level.

How To Leverage Frustration?

What You’ll Learn in This Episode: 

  • Planning your exit strategy from the 9-5
  • Why your current boss at the J-O_B is the key to your exit strategy
  • Becoming an entrepreneur without a current role model in your life
  • The difference between being a solo entrepreneur and a boss
  • How do I start flipping houses?
  • What is crowdfunding?
  • Taking crowdfunding to a new level with “Buy the Block”
  • Why NOW is the best time to get started in real estate
  • The Success Triangle-Your key to transforming relationships into profit
  • How to upgrade your mentoring hustle
  • How to find a mentor with no money
  • Why entrepreneurship and passion is about persistence and patience

Podcast Stopping Points

[1:28] How to leave a good-paying corporate job for a higher-paying dream


[3:50] Where did your entrepreneurial spirit come from?


[6:22] The top 3 books to shift into a boss mindset


[7:54] Why did you choose real estate?


[10:00] How to make the jump into full-time real estate investing


[11:33] Flipping houses


[20:00] The philosophy behind “Buy the Block”


[28:15] What are 3 people every real estate investor needs to know?


[28:50] The Success Triangle


{32:25} Last book that changed your life


{33:30} Taking action…and winning your entrepreneurial journey


[35:00] Mentoring

Power Quotes from Our Guest

“I’ve always been an ambitious kid.”


“On my off time, I was focused on flipping houses.”


“I just wanted to figure out how I can do something bigger…and have an impact on the community.”


“The name of the game in building wealth is leverage.”


“I try to be creative in every deal…”


“All it takes is one home run..”

Resources to Check Out

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


The Four Hour Week by Tim Ferriss


Buy the Block


Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster by Darren Hardy


About Our Guest

Chris Senegal is former engineer turned entrepreneur, public speaker and real estate investor/developer who leveraged


Christopher Senegal’s website


Side Hustle 101


Christopher Senegal on Instagram

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