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Negotiate Like a Boss with Expert Jacqueline Twillie | Episode #64

When we think of negotiation, most of us often think about well-dressed men in business suits arguing through lawyers for a bigger cut of a business deal.

Negotiate Like a Boss with Expert Jacqueline Twillie

But, as Jacqueline Twillie points out, this picture is completely inaccurate.

Negotiation, as she has come to learn, is something that everyone does. Whether you ask someone for an extra piece of pie or a boss for a raise, everyone negotiates.

Unfortunately, we assume that negotiation is for “other people”. We assume that negotiation is for boardrooms, business deals, and shuffling papers around with your lawyers.

That belief is holding you back.

Negotiation is a powerful skill for anyone pursuing their dream. To reach your dream, you have to build relationships and get resources. That involves communicating your value and worth in a way that motivates others to help you get what you need.

Value and worth. That’s what you need to reach your dream and negotiation is one of the tools you need to get it.

In this powerful episode, we talk with master negotiator Jacqueline Twillie about the power of negotiation and why we sharpen our negotiating skills to make more money, start a business, and achieve what we want in life.


What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • How do I negotiate?
  • The LATTE negotiation method for solving problems
  • How to negotiate on your job for higher pay
  • Negotiating as an entrepreneur
  • How to prepare for a negotiation
  • Why women need to negotiate more
  • Being comfortable talking about money
  • Getting paid more for your value


Play it Back: Key Moments in the Podcast 

[0:57] Jacqueline’s origin’s story


[3:45]  How Jacqueline found her path


[5:39] How do you negotiate?


[6:20] Can you become a better negotiator?


[8:00] The LATTE Method to Negotiation


[10:35] Negotiating on your job


[15:00] Negotiation as an entrepreneur


[19:40] Dealing with Imposter’s Syndrome


[23:00] Negotiation tips for women


[30:00] How did you grow as a negotiator?

Power Quotes from Our Guest

“I love lattes, donuts, and tacos.”


““We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” (Walt Disney)


“I had a 3-year old 6-year old, and 12-year old handing out with me for a week. Let me tell you they negotiate like nobody’s business.”


[Negotiation]…is all about asking questions.


“You want to express the value you add…and you want to be paid on the value that you add.”


“When I found out about the wage gap, I was pissed off.”


Resources to Check Out







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About Out Guest

Jacqueline Twillie is the founder and president of Zero Gap, a best-seling author, leadership strategist, and training consultant who trains individuals and companies in problem-solving situations.










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