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How to Build a Home with 8 Streams of Income | Episode #60

How do you become a millionaire?

How to Build a Home with 8 Streams of Income?

If you ask most of us, the answer is “get the winning lotto ticket” or “have a rich parent”.


The truth is, you don’t need either one. You can build your wealth right now using the same steps the millionaires do, multiple income streams.


As Casanova shares, multiple income streams are the key to building and staying .


Multiple income streams are also the key to surviving. Even if you don’t want to become a millionaire (or believe you will ever be one), having multiple income streams is important. In this fast-paced world of job changes, automation, and more, you can’t rely solely on one source of income like you could in the past.


Now is the time to get started.


Find out how you can set up multiple streams of income (most of them don’t even require leaving home) so that you and your loved ones will have money in an unpredictable future.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • What does having multiple streams of income mean?
  • How do you stay ahead of the curve with your money?
  • Where did Jay-Z get his wealth?
  • Why you can’t just rely on one income
  • Tax hacks with rental income
  • Building 8 streams of income

Play it Back: Key Moments in the Podcast 

[0:18] What does it mean to have multiple streams of income?


[3:48] Earned income


[5:24] Profit income


[6:11] Interest income


[7:17] Residual income


[8:05] Dividend income


[9:21] Rental income


[10:42] Capital gain income


[12:15] Royalties


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Amazon KDP


Don’t F**k This Up (Kevin Hart) YouTube Trailer)


Power Quotes from Our Casanova

.A bank can give up $10 for every $1 they bring in.”


“In today’s society, no longer is it an option to have more than one stream of income. It’s a necessity.”

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