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Charles Oglesby Interview | Episode #59

How do you turn your gift into a business? How do you turn your passion, your interests, and your skills into a profitable business?

How do you create a business and life that is bigger than you?


You start with what you have.


For Charles Oglessby (aka Todd Capital)  that meant a college degree, an alter ego, and a desire to to be the entrepreneur he read about in “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.


In this DN podcast, we’re going to talk with an entrepreneur who built his business by connecting the dots between his skill, his knowledge, and the resources around him to create a bigger and better life.


We talk to him about what the life lessons that prepared him to become the owner of multiple successful businesses and how he is leveraging those lessons to become a bigger businessman in the future.


What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The importance of mentors in a child’s life
  • The ONE thing that Charles did that changed his mindset forever
  • Environment vs Hustle: Can your environment make you hustle more?
  • Turning your gift into cash
  • What working in private banking taught him about cash
  • What is an LLC and how can it help my business?
  • How to evolve as an entrepreneur from businessman to business mogul


Podcast Stopping Points

[1:39] Charles’ Childhood


[4:08] Learning from mentors


[4:30] What made you want to become an entrepreneur?


[6:47] How does the environment influence your hustle?


[13:18] The origins of Todd Capital


[16:10] Using your alter ego as a superhero


[37:13] What are the basics of creating an LLC?

Power Quotes

“I’ve always been somebody who has head on straight.”


“I knew I was going places.”


“Every degree is a business.”


“I never wanted to compete with the masses…..”


“There’s not just money at the top.”


“People only know you as what you present.”


“Before I was starting a business to make money, now I just attack problems.”


“It’s OK to hop out there and look foolish.”

Resources to Check Out

Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki


The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone


Todd Capital Millionaire Podcast


About Our Guest

Charles Oglesby III (aka Todd Capital) is a serial entrepreneur, investment officer, podcaster, and author who took the lessons from his parents (and other mentors), his college degrees, an alter ego and inspiration from Robert Kiyosaki’s book to create a business than his reality.


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