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Brad Lea Interview | Podcast Episode #55

This Dream Nation episode is one of the most “real” episodes that you will ever hear about motivation, entrepreneurship, and reaching your dreams.


Brad Lea, “The Real Brad Lea” is an entrepreneur, podcaster, speaker, and more who has a powerful message to share with you about success: Don’t be patient, make assumptions, and talk to strangers.




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What You’ll Learn in This Episode: Brad Lea Interview 

  • Why Brad says there are shortcuts to success
  • Unlearning the stupid stuff on your way to success
  • The reason Brad says patience can kill our dreams
  • Can you ever be too impatient with your success?
  • Why you should talk to strangers and value money
  • The innovative idea behind LightSpeed VT
  • Why you should run toward problems (instead of away)
  • Finding mentorship lessons in everyone
  • Stop chasing your dreams (and what to do instead)
  • Fixing your confidence in 3 powerful steps  so you can transform your life

Podcast Stopping Points

[00:47] Who is Brad Lea?


[6:36] “Patience isn’t the answer.”


[13:46] Can you ever be too reckless?


[20:19] Is it wrong to make assumptions in relationships?


[23:04] Why you should value money a lot more than you think


[29:03] “LightSpeed VT is not a program. It is a system.”


[34:01] Why you need MORE problems in your life


[34:52] Finding mentorship in yourself and others


[37:00] “Stop chasing your dream. Start building.”


[44:30} 3 easy steps to level up your confidence so you can build your dreams


Power Quotes

“There is so much that we don’t know and that we need to learn.”


“We have to unlearn the stupid stuff.”


“Patience can kill you, my friend.”


“Raise your activity. Be impatient.”


“Death is the best teacher. The problem is we can’t afford its lessons.”


“You can bring value by not asking me how to bring value.”


“Money does buy happiness if you know where to shop.”


“If you want to make a million dollars, solve a million problems.”


“Most people avoid problems when they should be seeking problems.”


“Problems are opportunities.”


“If you’re paying attention, you should be learning from everyone.”


“Don’t follow your dream. Build your dream.”


“Be very mindful of what you agree to.”

Resources to Check Out

LightSpeed VT


About Our Guest

Brad Lea is the Chairman and CEO of LightSpeed VT, a podcaster, speaker, and business consultant with a powerful mission of sharing motivation, knowledge, and business skills with people who are ready to act.


Brad Lea’s website


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Brad Lea on Twitter


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Brad Lea on LinkedIn

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