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How To Overcome Fear & Rejection Episode #51

Whether you want to close a new real estate deal, become a public speaker, or start a fitness program, we all know that fear is a part of the equation. We fear starting something new, looking foolish or getting rejected.

How To Overcome Fear?

Yet, fear is something that we will have to deal with all of our lives.


There will always be new  new obstacles and new challenges that we have to face. Casanova shares the key to breaking through fear to success. He gives practical tips (especially for entrepreneurs) on how to move past fear and into a whole new level of persistent success


What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Overcoming the top 3 obstacles to achieving success: getting started, rejection, and choosing a path forward
  • Two powerful tips for moving past fear…and toward any success you’re looking for in ife
  • Why success isn’t all about the money
  • The cycles of success
  • The two BIG factors behind the lack of successful real estate agents
  • Why people fail in real estate (Hint: It’s not what you think!)
  • Why real estate have low repeat buyer rates over the long term
  • The right way to keep your business growing into the future

Podcast Stopping Points

[2:57] Two power tips for dealing with fear


[5:57] Why the average agent/entrepreneur/go-getter doesn’t achieve the success they truly want


[12:06] Why is success so hard?


[13:07] A personal story about taking a leap of faith


Power Quotes

“Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development…” (Jim Rohn)


“People do business with other people.”


“We never know what’s on the other side of being vulnerable.”


“Everything is only temporary.”


Resources to Check Out

Jim Rohn


The Obstacle is the Way


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