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Episode 21 – ???? Dawn Dickson debunks myths about the tech world and gives tried and tested advice on networking and business relationships

After 18 years as an entrepreneur, Dawn Dickson knows the ins and outs of the trade. She is specialized in technology, is a patent pending investor and has multiple successful businesses in various platforms.

She is currently ending a very positive investor round and now joins us to share her story, insider tips on the tech business world and how she has connected with key players who have helped her level up.On This Episode:

From lemonade stands to the tech world
Her 2001 ventures on the early internet, way before social media

Her B2B and Software As A Service businesses

How the blockchain and facial recognition are integrated into her business

Her opinion on giving up equity when raising capital and other alternatives for funding

What type of funding is best for your case?

Leaders are always readers
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