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Episode 15 – ???? Jullien Gordon Interview

Jullien is a freedom finder, who, at young age understood that a life without purpose was not an option for him. He discusses the importance of finding your own voice, surrounding yourself with the right people, understanding how the “normal” institutions in our lives work and how to really get the best out of them.

He currently wrote a book called Undergrad Railroad. In it he delivers a comprehensive breakdown of the higher education financial system and proposes an alternative road to not get caught in it.

On This Episode: Jullien Gordon Interview

An upbringing of privilege sometimes is not enough
A near-death experience that changed his view on life
Deprogramming ourselves of other people’s expectations
The life road taken by the people who love us does not necessarily apply to us
Two categories of friends you MUST identify
His first journal in the form of a public blog
The power of masterminds
Creating “bridge jobs”
Harriet Tubman as his “Ancestral Northstar”
A HEATED debate with me on single family homes vs multi family as your first investment ????
The Power Proximity principle
His explanation of why “The US department of education is a Fortune 50 company”

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