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Episode 07 – Jay & Samera Harvey: How To Make Cash With Mobile Homes

Jay and Samera Harvey are a young couple who believes in themselves, in their dreams, adventurous, and are naturally are givers. You can actually see that on how they are currently living an adventurous life, yet full of giving back, especially with what they do with their Trailer Cash Academy, where they are connecting people to people or connecting people to information. They teach others how to win and gain cash even with a little amount of capital as possible, all with the help of mobile homes investing. This is a really interesting chat, so stay tuned!


Jay and Samera were each working a nine-to-five job where they don’t feel they belong. They always have the inclination to feeling there is more to life. They just felt corporate life is not for them. Even though both of them graduated from a financial background, Samera being a CPA and Jay having a master’s degree in Finance. But they are saying these background did not matter, as what you’re being taught in school looks nothing like the real world, at least for real estate. Plus their family background isn’t very entrepreneurial, with the sole exception of Jay’s grandad who actually owned thriving funeral home. He saw how he’s helped people in their community, and that was instilled in him. Then real estate was introduced to them and they felt it actually made sense and that they want to tap more into it. However, their first two deals were a complete struggle. They actually lost a total of $90,000 in the first two deals. That did not stop them from winning though, as they reckoned going back to their 9-5 job to try to pay for that loss will take them forever to pay.


Until they discovered mobile homes investing. Today, they are helping people, even those who have zero knowledge in real estate, to gain cash by flipping and closing a used mobile home deal. In this episode, they shared the ins and outs of mobile homes investing and how easy it is to make money out of this thriving industry. If you are someone who does not have a huge capital yet to invest in other types of real estate, you may look into mobile homes investing and take heed this power duo who obviously got it all together when it comes to this industry!

How To Make Cash With Mobile Homes?


Here’s What You Missed


  • What’s your grand vision for your life?
  • Why you would want to look into mobile homes investing
  • Where will you find the buyers for mobile homes?
  • Will mobile homes depreciate? To what degree?
  • How will you price mobile homes?
  • What is the market like for mobile homes?



Knowledge Nuggets


[11:10] I just knew this wasn’t the grand vision for my life. we’re really big on personal development. We’re really big on praying and bringing God into our life. this looks bad on the outside. But I’m going to look at it as, Hey, I learned my way into this.I’m going to learn my way out.


[12:01] it’s not how you start. It’s how you finished. You got to keep pushing.


[16:50] So the beautiful things about manufactured homes is you can move them anywhere.


[19:30] The beautiful thing about mobile home investing and what we do with this strategy is majority of our standard is we want to be able to make our whole investment back within six months or less. And we typically cash flow anywhere between $250 to $500 per unit.


[21:46]  There’s an abundance of mobile home communities around the country.You may just not be aware of them. It’s just being more aware of where they’re at and just being open to traveling outside of the city into more of the like suburbs


[23:41] As to where to find a buyer for mobile homes: 1. Craigslist, it’s a free resource. 2. MH Village marketplace, the largest online buying and selling marketplace for mobile homes. 3. Community- network with park managers. 4. Sites like Offer Up where poeple are selling and buying cars, things, etc.


[25:26] Unlike, most other forms of investing, mobile homes will depreciate to a certain extent where they w they will actually hold their value.


[28:45] With these homes there’s no inspections, no appraisals. You just have to get it to where we want to sell a safe, affordable home, that’s structurally sound so they can come in and fix it the way they want to.


[29:35] On pricing. 1. See what other homes are selling for in that part. 2. Location. 3. The year of the homes. 4. Go on sites like MH Village or Craigslist and even talking to managers to these communities and figure out what’s actually on the market.



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Jay and Samera Harvey Website:                                            https://www.trailercashwebinar.com/

Jay and Samera Harvey Facebook:                                                                                                         https://www.facebook.com/trailercashacademy/groups/

Jay and Samera Harvey YouTube:                           https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVcT0EgNH0mt2M6QDhIrNOQ

jay and Samera Harvey Instagram:                          https://www.instagram.com/trailercashacademy/


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