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Episode 06 – Leigh Brown: How To Be Your Best Sales Weapon

Leigh Brown, our esteemed guest, is a personality you will all love. She’s fun, hilarious, informative, a good listener, an amazing speaker, and most importantly, an honest person and a realtor. No doubt, she’s been crushing the real estate arena for over 20 years now. She’s an international sales and motivational speaker and one of the top-selling realtors in North Carolina. You’ll be surprised to know that as a young girl, she’s actually very shy, nerd, a people-pleaser, and someone who does not want confrontations. Almost the exact opposite of who she is today. One thing that did not change though is her hard-working attitude. Being born and raised as a farm girl, she’s been exposed to work at an early age. That instilled in her the over-desire for work.

How To Be Your Best Sales Weapon ?

In this episode, Leigh shared huge tips on how to hone personalities that will attract businesses and serve people better. She discovered that being honest and direct will actually make you the best person to work within real estate as your truth lines up with what your client needs, not with what they want to hear. Huge nuggets were also shared about the importance of getting organized, being prepared and knowledgeable about the market, and setting boundaries with regards to your work hours. Tips on buyer and seller “intake sheets” and even with voice mails were being dropped. All the practical tips every real estate agent should be familiar with!


This has been a light, fun conversation with Leigh which will definitely change an agent’s way of doing business in a good way. So, be sure that you listen to this episode in full, share this with all your friends and family who are interested in real estate, and together, we will rock the real estate arena in our area! Let’s go!


Here’s What You Missed


  • How Leigh transitioned from being shy, people-pleaser young girl to an honest realtor
  • Why can we say that homes are still being bought and sold even in pandemic?
  • How to become the best realtor
  • Tips on how to become organized
  • People need to know how you operate. How would you advertise yourself?


Knowledge Nuggets


[8:53] Real estate actually was a great place to be an introvert because you’re usually in one, on one situation with clients, as you know, and that’s a great place for an introvert who likes to listen.


12:29] I figured out that I had to be honest and direct and not be like everybody else because the market demanded it, which allowed me to serve people better. Your truth lines up with what people need, not what they want.


[17:44] No matter what happens in the overall market, there’s still not enough inventory.  Our municipalities are not issuing enough. Building permit. So we can look at all the data to see that new construction starts are behind everywhere.


[21:20] The savvy realtor says yes, but if they can’t buy, they have to live somewhere. So they will then rent. So I should then make sure that I have the education and the marketing to serve investors


[22:16] It doesn’t matter what happens in the markets, houses are bought and sold. The difference is the realtor professional who gets educated enough and spends enough time masterminding with people who know what they’re doing well.


[25:00] In real estate, you have to go through a certain number of nos to get to a yes and the no is not always about you. Best realtors are all about asking questions and you’re not judging and you’re not being aggressive and ugly. You’re uncovering information. That’s going to allow you to provide a personalized experience.


[30:44] For you to get organized, know your boundaries.


[32:47] Few tips: 1. Live with buyer and seller ‘intake sheets’. You can have a folder for all your incoming buyers and sellers and when the time comes they are ready, you have the details. 2. May I ask you a few questions? The seven words that will change your real estate business. you’re going to be more organized when you’re taking more notes because then you’re going to actively listen.


[28:07] People need to know how you operate. Tip on your voicemail: “You’ve reached Lee Brown with one community real estate. I’m either on the phone or away from my desk. My business hours are 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Monday through Friday. Weekends are by appointment only. If you reached me outside of these hours, I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can have a super fantastic day.

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Important Reads and Links


Leigh Brown Website:                                               https://www.leighbrown.com/

Leigh Brown University:                                           https://www.leighbrownu.com/

Leigh Brown Instagram:                                           https://www.instagram.com/leighthomasbrown/

Leigh Brown Twitter:                                                 https://twitter.com/leighbrown

Leigh Brown Facebook:                                             https://www.facebook.com/LeighBrownSpeaker/



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