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Episode 04 – Colton Lindsay: How To Scale A Fulfilling Career

Our podcast guest for today is the epitome of someone who realized the difference between achievement and fulfillment. Growing up, Colton Lindsay with average working parents, his father worked in a gas company for 40 years while his mother worked as a secretary for 42 years. He grew up with limiting beliefs such as rich people screw people over or, or money was the root of all evil or that he can’t afford to be one. He thought he does not have a voice as to what he could create in his life. Not until the age of 21 that he realized that life “happened for me instead of to me”.


He entered the world of real estate at the age of 21, and his first year did not look good. He did two deals, and the only reason he survived it is that he still lives in his parents’ house. Then he got a coach. He started going 20, 30, 40 then 75 deals a year. The money he is making made him think should be a source of happiness. He was feeling achieved. But the problem is, he is not fulfilled. He was making good money but he was using it all up. A few life moments caused him to transition in life. In 2016, his good friend passed away, and then he had his daughter. He realized he needed to create financial freedom for his family. He left his old ways of doing drugs and smoking and spent the next year focusing on his mental and physical and spiritual health.


That is why I said in the beginning that Colton is the epitome of someone who realized the difference between achievement and fulfillment because now he discovered the secret to being fulfilled. He is achieving the things that he put his mind to such as the financial wins of his brokerage, which is one of the biggest in the country. He also feels fulfilled in his new venture of helping other real estate agents to scale their business in a way that they’ll feel fulfilled. They touch, not just the financial aspects of the business, but the spiritual and emotional well-being of the agent as well. Today, Colton is sharing huge pointers and gems in achieving a fulfilled life!

 Interview with Colton Lindsay: How To Scale A Fulfilling Career?

Here’s What You Missed


  • Difference between achievement and fulfillment
  • Difference between interested and committed people. Which one are you?
  • What is financial freedom
  • How to have a smart day
  • Difference between marketing and advertising
  • How to choose your team
  • How to have your actions drive your emotions


Knowledge Nuggets


[2:22] Life happened for me instead of to me. I could have some say in it.


[5:19] There’s this difference between achievement and fulfillment. “Now I’m just passionate about tools and techniques that allow people to just be fulfilled from the inside out, truly just have this authentic approval of themselves and to live in purpose.”


[6:42] Difference of interested versus committed. Interested people, let fear dictate the actions that they don’t take. And committed people. They say, Hey, this is my life, my show, my reality. And they take action anyway, but not without fear or worry or doubt or anxiety, but they fucking do it anyway.


[7:42] I believe that we get what we tolerate. What are we willing to tolerate in our life?


[9:03] You have to invest the time, effort, energy, money first before you get results.


[13:13] Financial freedom is where your leveraged residual income pays for your desired lifestyle.


[15:03] I invested in my mind and I invested in my development and then I invested in my soul. When you decide now and act, the universe lines it up for it, it creates it. It boils down to a decision, whatever you need to trick yourself into making a decision, decide.


[15:30] You’ve got three parts of your day. You got a morning routine, a daytime routine, and an evening routine. I now have the belief that time equals emotion.  I said, well, what emotion I want to experience in my morning?  I put the first three thoughts in my head or the three things that made me laugh or smile in the previous 24 hours. Then move to hydrate, then into breath, work, prayer meditation.


[17:49] Smart day: a 30 minutes CEO meeting with yourself. You come up with some outcomes, you create these outcomes, and then you flood it with certainty.


[19:06] Unfortunately, we’re seeing this today where our emotions are driving our actions. You have to have your actions drive your emotions.


[20:29] The secret to success is your willingness to do what you don’t feel like doing.


[24:29] Difference between marketing and advertising. Advertising is spending time, effort, energy, and money on putting your name, brand, and message in front of people that have no idea who you are. In marketing is putting time, effort, energy, and money into putting your brand and message in front of people that already know you that already have some sort of relationship with you.


[29:25] In choosing team: 1. What’s the culture. Is it a culture you want to be a part of? 2. Identifying a culture, a winning culture.


[30:36] Selling is leadership skills and selling is not telling it’s asking questions.


[33:54] Between now and when you die, what do you want to do? What emotions do you want to experience? What relations to chips do you want to have?

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