Episode 03 – Ricky Carruth: How To Go From Zero To Diamond

Our podcast guest for today is someone who’s been a mentor and helped to contribute to Casanova’s life change through real estate. He is no other than Mr. Ricky Carruth. Since 2002, Rickey has seen the ups and downs of real estate. He discovered the core secret to winning in real estate which made him the top producer in his market selling over 100 properties per year in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 as a single agent. His secret? Building strong relationships. In this podcast, he shares his key principles in achieving this kind of bond with his past, current, and even future clients. Stay tuned for that!


Ricky grew up in Alabama and describes his young self as some who ‘has no breed, beach boy, hardworking, honest, and just wants to helps others’. His greatest asset is his mindset. When thinking about where he wanted to go or achieve next, he feels he’s already there because he knows it’ll only be a matter of time that he’ll achieve what he puts his mind into. This kind of mindset is what we all should have and he shares this extensively in this podcast.


Realizing how it is so easy to enter real estate, how he reached the top and gained much success and recognition for his work, yet the failure rate among agents is so high, he started a coaching company to give back to the industry and help the new and experienced agents take their business to the next level and beyond. We are ever so grateful to be able to receive such knowledge and strategies today! We talked about the usual mistakes of real estate agents and how to fix them, how you can dominate your market even if you’re a newbie, the step-by-step approach to selling your first property, how to build relationships with your prospects and keep their data for future sales, how real estate is an industry with unlimited business, and how to protect yourself in the online world. This episode is jam-packed with tips and tricks to win as real estate agents, so be sure to put out your pens and papers because you will need them 100%!


Here’s What You Missed


  • What’s your goal and the metrics to measure your success?
  • Where do agents go wrong?
  • The step-by-step tips on how a newbie agent can crush the top agent in their area
  • Power of REDX and how to use it
  • Relationships over transactions. Why?
  • What makes a great content?


Knowledge Nuggets


[1:50] It’s all in your mind. Like I’ve already impacted let’s just say tens of thousands, in my mind I’ve already surpassed that hundreds of thousands, and I’m onto the millions, even though it hasn’t happened. In my mind, I feel like it already has, because it’s just a matter of time.


[2:54] I want to be the tortoise and the hare. Let me be the slow crawling turtle at a fast pace. Let me get there quicker and longer.


[4:40] I am willing to do the work, I’m willing to do whatever it takes. I don’t care how long it takes. I’m willing to do whatever it takes until I hit that goal. What is the goal? To be the best in the world. What metrics do you use to measure being the best in the world? By the number of people who love you.


[10:28] On where agents could go wrong: 1. They’re not confident in themselves. 2. There are so many different ways to build your business. Everything works, but you got to focus down to just, what do you think works for you? Focus on these two or three things.


[16:36] When you combine the fact that you believe you can do it, and that these other agents around you that are doing it are just not even close to your level and you utilize today’s technology, you just put all that together and go crush it.


[18:11] What to focus on 1. Where’s my highest quality leads for the cheapest price. 2. What system am I using to build my brand with these people short and long term. 3. What system do I have in place to stay in touch with the people who might want to buy or sell in the next 90 days?


[21:04] There’s nothing better than talking to property owners who own the exact property and the exact price range that you want to sell.


[22:22] REDX. You get their contact information for 2 cents. Two cents for the exact house, for the exact client that you want. You call, make friends with them and do business forever. Multiple deals forever. Doing this, you’re building your business for now because you run into people that want to do deals now and also for the future, what the people that want to do deals later.


[29:30] I don’t care how you do your business. As long as you’re doing this, you’re valuing relationships over transactions. You’re realizing the business is unlimited for every agent, regardless of what’s going on.


[32:21] I think really good content is original content. Content that comes out of your mind that you created. Actually creating it yourself original and consistent.


[36:06] Taking action is far better than sitting back and contemplating. Just go ahead and do it, get the mess up behind you so we can get to the good part of this because you’re going to mess up anyway.


[38:50] The only competition is you because business is unlimited. It’s as much as you can handle for the rest of your life, 24/7.


[49:08] Just stop thinking, just do. I’m more of a doer, I’ll make a lot of mistakes. I learned from them as I said, I want to hurry up and get those mistakes behind me. So I want to get to those mistakes as quickly as possible.


Important Reads and Links


Ricky Carruth Website:                                             https://zerotodiamond.com/

Ricky Carruth Instagram:                                           https://www.instagram.com/rickycarruth/

Ricky Carruth Twitter:                                                https://twitter.com/rickycarruth

icky Carruth Facebook:                                             https://www.facebook.com/zerotodiamond/


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