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Episode 02 – Joshua Smith: How To Get Stuff Done In Real Estate

We made sure that you get the best of the best for our first ever episode for Dream Nation Real Estate Podcast! I am telling you upfront if you listened to this episode in full and not get the motivation, the knowledge, and the fire for you to get starting and bettering your real estate journey, I really do not what can. This first episode has been phenomenal, and I can not wait for all of you, our dear tribe, to benefit from it and blaze your path just like how our esteemed guest has. He is no other than, Mr. Joshua Smith, also known as GSD or Get Shit Done.


Everyone can relate to Joshua’s early days in life and in his real estate career. Which will make you feel, if he’s done it, I definitely can too. Joshua came from being a college dropout and never made more than $10 an hour to enter the world of real estate. He was a nursing assistant working on the hospice floor. He entered real estate at the age of 23, making $20,00 to making it $280,000 in his first year. Today, he owns six businesses from a real estate company to a software company, a consulting company to a supplement company, etc. But he says real estate is what propelled him to achieve all these other successes. His journey is not always fun and prosperity though. Back in 2007, halfway through his career, he lost everything. Lost his entire life savings and went to a hundred thousand dollars of business credit card debt with lots of liabilities and big bills. Overcoming all of these adversities though, he says, is what makes him humble. Today, he is passionate to help other people learn and master real estate in his GSD mode platform.


We are ever so fortunate to have 60 minutes of pure knowledge, wisdom and applicable tips regarding real estate, including mentorship, life truths, business building, leadership skills, and tactical tips that I am 100% sure will help you one way or the other to skyrocket your real estate game. Take notes, rewind this episode, and just apply what you will learn in this episode, because that is why I and my team do this, to bridge you to the best of the best minds there is in the real estate arena.


Here’s What You Missed – How To Get Stuff Done In Real Estate?


  • Understanding the power of mentorship and where we can get those
  • Why pain is the best teacher
  • Why real estate is an industry with a level playing field and how easy it is to dominate
  • What are the 5 tactical steps to winning real estate
  • Is Facebook profitable to use in lead generation?
  • Tackling lead conversion problem
  • 2 things he should have done better at the beginning
  • Success doesn’t come without sacrifice


Knowledge Nuggets


[] “The purpose of my life is just growth and expansion in each aspect of my life, but the gist, it’s like we got one shot at this journey called life and just to enjoy every experience as much as I possibly can and approach everything that I do with passion, with intensity.”


[] I do everything I can to surround myself with people that I personally deem to be very successful, that I can learn and grow from. Sometimes it’s somebody that you run into that you meet that just inspires you at a core level. Sometimes it is a personal circumstance that wakes you up and pivot. A lot of our belief systems are just shaped on our personal experiences and you have to have those different experiences to reshape your belief systems and keep pushing forward


[] Until we experience pain, we usually don’t wake up. Most are paying attention to the finances until they’ve lost their finances. And for me, it’s been that way. I’m doing a lot, I’ve done a lot of work and I continue to do a lot of work because I don’t want to have that pain showing up for me to pivot, make decisions, and whatever. Also, if we’re intentional if we we can learn from other people’s mistakes.


[] Don’t run for pain. Pain is the best teacher. Pain and power come from the same place. Utilize the pain and ask yourself: The first thing I do with it is, what can I learn from this lesson? How did I get myself into this painful moment? What could I have done to avoid this? Now this has shown up, what can I do to get out of it? But what can I also do to make sure that I don’t experience this pain again?


[] There’s always outside circumstances we can’t control. We need to focus on what we can control. That’s the difference between a victimhood mindset and somebody who takes full responsibility and becomes a winner.


[] ‘Cause in order to thrive, you’ve got to survive.” History favors here who is most prepared.


[] I’ve never seen an industry that’s more easier to dominate. I’ve never seen an industry that has big of a gap as ours. There’s just not another industry exists out there that has the same opportunities. So that’s why I’m so obsessed with the real estate industry.


[] Power of mentorship. You can go high, go align yourself with mentors and other ways. I took my time, went out there and interviewed a ton of brokerages. I just wanted to align myself with the most badass that I possibly could in the marketplace. You gotta learn to be coachable. So spend the time to identify the right mentor to the point where you have the certainty, this is the right person.


[] On discipline: What is the one of the most important things when it comes to creating success? It’s discipline. If you look at discipline, what does that say? It’s being a disciple to a plan.


[] Law of reciprocity. There’s other ways of getting a mentor. Mentors can look like different things. Mentors can be somebody you follow on YouTube. It can be somebody that you get to know


[] Tactical tips on real estate: 1. Get your tracking system in place. I’ll track reach outs, conversations, appointments set, appointment conductions, clients, and then closings. 2. Get your CRM set up. Your CRM is your number one asset as a real estate agent in this industry. 3. Your buyer presentation listing presentation. Nobody has a lead problem in this business. Most have a lead conversion problem. 4. Your spirit of influence past clients. 5. More local market knowledge.


[] On lead generation: The first thing that I want to say is to understand that 1. Everything works and nothing doesn’t. So identify what you enjoy doing, what you like doing, I mean, what you’re good at that is really important. Not only will I consistently do those activities for the long haul, but I’m also going to a master’s degree. Consistency is the only magic pills. 2. Less is more. So, what I mean by that is I would rather identify one or two lead sources again that I enjoy, that I’m going to commit to for the long haul and master. 3. Get really clear on who your ideal client is. I’m going to show up where my ideal clients are now coming to me.


[] Anything’s possible, you can build whatever you want to build, create any model that you want to create. if you’re a smart entrepreneur, then you can figure out how to scale any aspect.


[] On advertising: There’s so many ways to go out there and start pounding the pavement and get business and bring in revenue without having to spend money. But then, when you’re ready to start investing into marketing, which marketing costs money, prospecting calls time. So then from there, Facebook is extremely profitable. you got to invest the time, you got to learn Facebook itself.


[] All sales is pain and pleasure. I make sure that my ads for the people that I’m running, they’re targeting the people with the pain. So making sure that the pleasure is showing up to the people with the pain. You got to know what your people want.


[] Lead conversion problem: But if you’re intentional with it and you spend the time to have the right strategy, you’re going to crush an audience with Facebook ads with anything that you do.


[] Success doesn’t come without sacrifice. You’ve gotta be very clear on what you’re willing to sacrifice, what you’re not willing to sacrifice and so forth. Mastery happens when eyeballs aren’t on you. You got to be willing to live your life today, like nobody else. So then that way you can go live your life tomorrow like nobody else.


[] On what he could do better right at the beginning: 1. I didn’t set my targets right in the beginning. I look at a business as a vehicle that allows me to go out there and live the life I want to live. 2. Not mastering a hiring process. You don’t have a business until you can step away from it.


[] If you want to continue to grow, the only way to bust through those capacities is implementing the right systems and then plugging the right people into, to oversee those systems.


[] Quit listening to the fucking voice. Those voices are not you. Get very clear on what it is that you want to create in your life. And really, at the end of the day, our purpose and our mission in my opinion, is to become the people that we know we’re capable of becoming.


[] Everybody deserves success. Most people won’t go after it, but it just boils down to what are the actions and the choices that you’re gonna make. Anybody can go out there and create success, especially in real estate.


Important Reads and Links


Recommended person/group:                                                Kamille Rose Soler


Joshua Smith Website:              https://www.gsdmode.com/

Joshua Smith YouTube:             https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRVT1XOSdM4DhTUdA7Y9OSw

Joshua Smith Instagram:           https://www.instagram.com/joshuasmithgsd

Joshua Smith Twitter:                https://twitter.com/joshuasmithgsd


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