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DreamNation RealEstate 29 – The Great Pause: How To Make The Most Out Of Covid-19

How are you all doing? We hope you are still holding up well despite the pandemic we are facing these days. We’ve all been trying our best to get by and get on with our lives, haven’t we? And that’s precisely why we are here right now. Things have been pretty tough lately, we know, but we hope you haven’t let go of your dream. If anything, we hope you’ve found an even deeper reason to keep going. 

This compilation of podcast episodes from our dear guests might help you achieve your ultimate dream, especially if it’s related to real estate investment. 

So, sit back and listen to Joshua Smith, Serge Sukhat, Bethany King, Tina Beliveau, Brandon Hall, and Chastin Miles as they tell us about their struggles and how their determination to survive has helped them get through and right where they are today.

The Great Pause: How To Make The Most Out Of Covid-19?


Joshua Smith

Here’s what you missed:

  • Avoid having the ‘victim’ mindset. Instead, take full responsibility and become a winner
  • What you need to do to pivot

(0:45) First thing is, I’m not gonna panic. Yeah. I’m going to go into solution mode. (When talking about the shutdown ordered by Trump)

(0:51) There are always outside circumstances that we can’t control. 

(4:08) History favors he or she who was most prepared. Right now that we’ve been through it, right now you can start to prepare for it.


Serge Sukhat

Here’s what you missed

  • Be vigilant of the signs that tell you when to start
  • Example of signs to look for
  • What is intrinsic value?
  • Knowing your advantage

(7:58) There’s a lot of signs that come up that tell you when it’s a good time, when it’s time to pounce. You got to look for those signs

(10:41) Don’t forget what real estate is. It’s not a stock. It’s not stock that one day it’s hot on a news report and then the next day, it’s not.

(16:36) The biggest risk was going to be government policy and tax changes, and the influence in real estate is enormous.

(20:58) That’s one of the reasons I love real estate the most, because it’s a function of your brain. Your returns are as good as you are.


Bethany King

  • Knowing when and how to start your business
  • Don’t be afraid of the pandemic

(22:39) You have to jump in full time 100% and especially with this time where we are with this pandemic.

(24:16) This is the best time to get into this industry because now the real players are going to shine.

(24:32) But the true testament to your skills is if you can do this in a bad market, and I love the adrenaline. I love a challenge.

(25:12) This industry allows us to be winners. There’s a huge opportunity.


Tina Beliveau

  • Problems about lead generation and conversion
  • How to grow your database bigger and bigger


(26:35) But the more people that we can add to that list and stay in touch with, it will turn into business.

(26:49) Find something that you enjoy doing.

(27:06) What could you do right now, virtual or in real life, that would be fun and interactive? And just find a little bit of momentum and then build on it.

(29:27) So just find something that you can do to give, serve, or bring joy to other people.


Brandon Hall

  • Biggest challenges of being a business owner of a remote team
  • The importance of coming in at work on time
  • How to build your culture

(32:46) You gotta figure out how hardcore you want to be about results. That’s going to influence the results you hold people accountable to.

(33:38) You’re motivating the right behavior.

(34:08) We have to work on a culture very intentionally in a virtual environment.

(34:25) The culture is the result of every little decision that has been made up until that point in your firm’s history.


Chastin Miles

  • Don’t look for an easier route

(37:00) It wasn’t so much me having this novelty idea of real estate in my head and how it was supposed to be. It was me experiencing how something works from start to finish.

(37:49) People started looking for the easier route or the shortcut. Me, I didn’t do that.

(38:25) It was just more so really being on it and being on it a lot more than I was.


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