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DreamNation Real Estate Podcast Episode 78 – Jess Lenouvel: Scale Up Your Real Estate Business through Marketing and Automation

Here’s a snapshot of a few things we talked about…

  • Who is the Lois Lane behind Ms. Jess? [00:01:06]
  • How She Was Able to Start Building Systems, Even Though She Didn’t Want to Be in The Public Spotlight? [00:03:45]
  • What a Day in The Life Looked Like When She was Trying to Find Ways to Give Value? [00:08:37]
  • Jess’ Advice for New Real Estate Agents Looking to Get Listings [00:11:04]
  • How Can Real Estate Agents Get People to Notice Them? [00:15:07]
  • When Did She Decide to Go the Automation Route? [00:18:55]
  • Should You Use Your Personal Page or The Business Page to Interact with Clients? [00:24:24]  
  • Can An Agent Become a Top Producer in Today’s Market Without Getting in Front of The Camera? [00:26:30] 
  • Do Real Estate Agents Have to be on All Social Media Platforms to Succeed? [00:29:37]
  • What Separates the Average from the Great Agents? [00:32:30]
  • One Thing She Would Change, or Wishes She Knew that Would Have Accelerated Her Journey? [00:36:55]
  • Should Every Realtor Be Identifying Themselves First and Foremost as a Marketer? [00:38:36] 
  • What Helped Her Start Identifying as a Marketer? [00:39:46]
  • Her Advice to Help People Take Action [00:41:54]
  • Best Piece of Advice That She Has Ever Been Given? [00:43:25]

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

In this episode, Casanova and Jess talk about how you get more listings so you can have more control over your time.

As a person, Jess is naturally introverted, but she built her business and her brand by owning the fact that she is an introvert. This has allowed her to be the superhero version

For Jess, it was never about not wanting to be in the public spotlight, but rather the realization that she can’t do everything herself manually to build her business. She built her business by having conversations through Facebook classifieds and Facebook messenger and building those relationships, giving a lot of value.

By showing up as who she really is, she was able to figure out human psychology, and how to actually influence people, and then using that on different platforms. Initially, she started educating people about the real estate process, and why having a real estate agent was valuable. 

After she met her husband, they decided to automate a lot of things and that allowed them to go from the six to seven figures quickly and in a way that was actually predictable, consistent, sustainable.

For new Real Estate agents looking to get listings, she recommends niching down. Find out about the people you are looking to speak to, whether its upsizers or downsizers. 

Jess adds that one of the most important things from a human psychology standpoint is the best marketing out there. It is being able to articulate what’s in the back of your ideal client’s head better than they can.

She says that people aren’t looking for the number one agent—they are looking for someone who they feel connected to. You want to give them the emotional connection first, and then you can back that decision up with logic, more value, and education. 

When you launch a campaign, make sure that it’s working organically first, before you put any money behind it. Go out and actually find those people, don’t wait for them to come to you.

A great opportunity to actually stand out from the rest of the crowd is by creating a process or a methodology that is a systematic approach to making sure that all of your clients are successful. What you want to do is that you can create a guide. It can become your listing presentation.

The thing that really differentiated Jess and allowed her to be so much more successful than a lot of the agents in marketplaces is that she started looking at what was working in other service-based industries and started testing them in Real Estate industry. 

She further adds that what happens once you get that lead that actually really matters. That’s where the emails and the retargeting and the social media and all of that stuff becomes really important. 

Jess believes that you should use both your personal page and the business page to interact with your ideal clients. For agents looking to make an impact, you are cutting your foot off, if you’re not willing to get on video.

For real estate agents who are worried about not being on multiple social media and networking platforms, Jess suggests that they’re better off doing one or two really well than trying to be everywhere. The choice of platform depends on where your ideal client live online and spend time?

Jess further adds that coachability and being able to move quickly is what separates great from average agents. She says that speed of execution and coachability are really important. 

Cas points out that the cool thing about it is social media has given you access that you wouldn’t have had before. Nothing really has to be cold anymore.

Jess’ business really exploded, when she made the decision to stop identifying as a realtor and starting really, to think of herself as a marketer. That’s something she wishes she had come to that conclusion sooner. 

She thinks that every realtor should be identifying themselves first and foremost as a marketer. She adds that if she’d figured out the marketing piece earlier on, and understood the importance of it, some of those struggles wouldn’t have been there.

When Jess started just looking at what other really successful agents were doing, she found that they really focus on and reinvest back into their marketing. This helped her flip the switch. 

She accentuates that for people looking to take action, belief in yourself is something that you really need to harness first. It matters what you think. If you think that you can do it, then you can, and if you think that you can’t do it, then you can’t.  

Key Quotes:

  • “Finding ways to work around the way that I naturally am and what actually makes me happy on a day-to-day basis…”
  • “I used to call it prospecting from my PJs. So, I would sit on my couch, you know, with a cat next to me, like, I was like my perfect introverted self, and I sat on my computer, and I built relationships and I had conversations and I felt okay in that situation…”
  • “All sales ever is, is current situation and desired situation, and you become the bridge between the two…”
  • “People make decisions emotionally first, and then we back the decisions up with logic…”
  • “Build up your personal Facebook profile, build up your personal Instagram in a way that is full of your ideal clients…”
  • “You create a piece of content that like absolutely kills it, why wouldn’t you use that as an email as well?”
  • “I would rather spend more money converting the leads that I have, than trying to just get more and more…So, the idea of bigger, of deeper, rather than wider…”
  • “An influencer wants once larger audience and entrepreneur wants to be able to make money from the audience…”
  • “You want to make sure, and you want to be training your audience so that you are that number one name, when someone thinks real estate, they think [about] you…”
  • “Instagram stories are such a good place to get used to being on camera because they’re short, they’re sweet, they’re informal and they disappear in 24 hours…”
  • “If you’re working with downsizers, you’re going to be on Facebook. If you’re working with upssizers, chances are they’re going to be Instagram and Facebook…”
  • “It comes down to knowing who your ideal avatar is…”—Casanova Brooks.
  • “Success loves speed…”—Casanova Brooks.
  • “If you’re not a good marketer, you don’t have enough people to sell real estate to…”
  • “I really believe that we all have a little fire in us…”
  • “Fail forward—don’t be afraid of failure. Failure is just data, that you then get to use to iterate…”


  • https://www.instagram.com/jesslenouvel/

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