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DreamNation Real Estate Podcast Episode 72 – Cody Bjugan: Transform Your Life Through Real Estate

Failures in life are built to push people to continue to grow and reach for their dreams and not the other way around. You can push through any circumstance in life if you believe, take action, and have faith that it will all work out in the end. 

Listen to Cody Bjugan as he shares how you can transform your life through real estate by finding out your purpose that will impact people around you, let you live a fulfilled life, and leave a legacy that inspires.

Together with his business partner, David Hill, Cody formed VestRight out of their passion for real estate and sharing. Through VestRight, they were able to share their expertise on real estate land deals over the years.

Here’s What You Missed

The birth of VestRight

  • “…you have 20 years of lessons in my space and I can’t think of something more impactful or a part of my purpose, part of my legacy, part of me trying to live a fulfilling life, than sharing that knowledge that I know of.” (03:21)
  • “I’ve been doing this for 20 years. I know the ins and outs. There’s no education, there are no teachings out there on it. Why don’t I bring this education to the world?” (24:04)
  • “I want to expose it to the world and be a part of impacting other people in a positive way.” (24:24)

PIF: Purpose, Impact, Fulfillment

  • “I spent a lot of time recently working on my why. Like, why am I doing all this? And my purpose and impact and fulfillment. I have all these things that I’ve been geeking out on the last couple of years.” (04:08)
  • “I was very intentional in my teens, that I was going to be the one to pivot.” (05:38)
  • “You figure out your purpose, that’s going to lead to impact. You have an impact on others. Impact those within your reach. And through impact, you can create a fulfilling life or fulfilling legacy. I, 100%, do not believe fulfillment is possible without you having an impact.” (32:05)

On failures, personal growth, and having the right people

  • “The biggest mistake I made back then is that I was so full of myself that I wasn’t focused on personal growth. I wasn’t focused on having the right people and influences in my life. (12:10)
  • “I understand the value of personal growth and working on myself and becoming better.“ (14:05)
  • “I’m in a mindset place where I know this failure is sculpting me and helping me grow because I’ve grown more through my failures than anything else in my life, in my challenges, my trials, my tribulations.” (19:34)
  • “I’m writing my own story and all those mistakes and failures and realizations has made me who I am today.” (28:34)

The VestRight Teachings

  • “We teach you how to pay market value.” (38:07)
  • “We teach you how to go and find, hunt off-market.” (38:13)
  • “We teach you how to find them, how to analyze them. Are utilities there? What are the overlays? What’s the zoning? What’s the offsite?” (38:31)
  • “We teach numerous exit strategies and we teach numerous payday points.” (39:15)

The VestRight Model

  • “The reason there’s so much money in the model we teach is that we’re going to teach you how to take just a piece of farmland and capture it to where it’s now developable. We teach you what’s called the land use process.” (38:46)
  • “Our model, we teach because you’re taking a raw piece of land and now turn it into an approved development, there is so much equity created through that process that you can pay property owners’ development values.” (42:51)

When and when not to get into partnerships

  • “I think we gravitate towards partnerships because it helps diminish fear.” (49:35)
  • “You need to be able to face your fears with or without a partner.” (49:57)
  • “There’s no point in the partnership if the strengths are similar. You need to complement each other. You need to fill each other’s weaknesses in order for the partnership to be amazingly dynamic.” (50:25)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “I’m being built for something special. Because I’ve been put to my knees several times and through that, I’ve tried hard not to come out feeling sorry for myself, but to reflect back and grow.” – Cody (03:02)
  • “Wealth is built through timing.” – Cody (12:47)
  • “Money is just the result of me serving.” – Cody (22:52)
  • “Just because you believe doesn’t mean you have faith.” – Cody (29:11)
  • “Through realizing you don’t control everything, it allows peace to come into your life. I don’t think peace is possible if you think you control everything that happens because the reality is you can’t.” – Cody (29:57)
  • “The only way that you can really control your energy and your effort is through action.” – Casanova (34:01)
  • “If you’re not willing to put in the work, don’t expect the result. So be consistent, fill the funnel, the results will pop out the other side.” – Cody (46:09)

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