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DreamNation Real Estate Episode 81 – Casanova Brooks: Seven Ways to Generate Seller Leads

Here’s a snapshot of a few things I talked about…

  • Utilizing Funnels.
  • Create Seller Content.
  • Utilize Remarketing Campaigns.
  • Find a Niche.
  • Client Appreciation Parties
  • Focus On Expireds and Cancels
  • Do Circle Prospecting

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

In this episode, Casanova talks about the seven ways that you can start generating seller leads, qualified leads in this market in 2021 and beyond.

Number one, make sure that you’re utilizing funnels. That’s going to make sure that they convert, and you don’t just get a whole bunch of looky-loos. 

Number two, make sure that you’re creating seller content. Make sure you’re creating content that they’re going to find valuable. And they’re going to see you as the go-to expert. 

Number three, make sure that you are utilizing remarketing campaigns. Why? because the more that they see you, they see your content, they see your face, the more that they’re going to think of you when it’s time for them to sell. And then probably you’re going to get the buyer as well because everybody has to move somewhere. And even if they’re not moving into your area now, because you’ve earned their trust, you could probably get a referral off of that.

Number four, make sure that you specialize in something different. It doesn’t have to be your main thing, but make sure you can talk new construction, or you can talk investing, or you can talk foreclosures, whatever it might be that helps to differentiate you from the pack. 

Number five, make sure that you host client appreciation parties. It can all go hand in hand, but the whole focus for you is you want to create experiences, bring in some of your real estate partners as well, to let whoever that seller is known and potential sellers and even potential buyers that you have a team of experts around you. 

Number six, make sure that you focus on expired and cancels, but don’t just do the ones that have expired in the last month or two, make sure that you go three to five years because those are the people who, they’re seeing in the market and they really want to sell, but they’re a little bit gun shy.

Last but not least make sure that you do circle prospecting. You can make phone calls, or you can do door knocking, but those are the people who they’re seeing their neighbors just sold. And they’re seeing that they sow 10, 20, $30,000, some even $50,000 over list price. And they’re thinking wow, our house is a lot better than their house. We’ve done a lot more updates than their house. We have more bedrooms in their house. We should be able to sell as well. And because you put the seed in, and because you were the one who asked, you’re the one who was going to get that listing.  

Key Quotes:

  • “If you don’t have a way to be able to drip on them and more importantly, convert them into a, just a looky-loo or a prospect into a buyer or a qualified lead, then you’re losing a lot of the battle…”
  • “There are many different funnel platforms out there, but make sure that you’re utilizing funnels…”
  • “So, when you’re in a niche, people know this is who you go to for that specific area…”
  • “A lot of the time, they just want the information people to want to be in the know…”


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