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DreamNation Real Estate Episode 56 – Charles Oglesby and Rashauna Scott: Mindset That Will Get You 46 Deals in Year One

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. As long as you keep going, continue opening the doors of opportunity, leverage, and let others leverage, success would surely present itself in front of you.

In a podcast interview hosted by Charles Oglesby and Rashauna Scott, our very own podcast host, Casanova, shares how he stumbled upon real estate, fell in love with it, and got 46 deals in his first year.

The co-hosts run The Oglesby and Scott Show together. Charles Oglesby is a real estate investor and entrepreneur, while Rashauna Scott is a licensed real estate broker and a certified real estate investor.

Here’s What You Missed

Success through perseverance

  • “…if you allow yourself to just be like, oh, woe is me, then the world’s going to pass you by and you’re never going to get it.” (11:09)
  • “As long as you have enough perseverance and note it like, I’m going to get it by any means necessary, you’re going to be successful.” (11:09)
  • “The fortunate part is growing up in today’s age, there’s so much information out there that you can get it better than you ever have or faster than you ever have.” (11:44)

Principles when starting in real estate

  • “You fall in love with the deal, not with the property.” (35:10)
  • “Cashflow is everything.” (35:21)
  • “I always wanted to make sure that I was investing for cash flow and the appreciation was just on top.” (35:39)

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The doors of opportunity

  • “…at the end of the day, we always want to make sure that we got multiple tools in our tool bag.” (47:35)
  • “We want to try to get into as many doors as possible.” (48:16)
  • “I think the number one, the willingness to fail, and the willingness to understand that as long as I keep the right people around me, there’s a reason why some people are flourishing in social media and some people are not.” (01:00:47)
  • “Looking at the opportunities is the fun part.” (01:01:31)
  • “When you’re searching for the opportunities, in a sense, it’s like the law of attraction. It’s going to come to you.” (01:16:50)

Leverage is a two-way street

  • “I’m not trying to basically take food out of your mouth. I’m trying to make sure that we can put more food on your plate if that makes sense.” (48:42)
  • “We all want to leverage in life, and we all want to feel like that we get a deal.” (50:59)

Principles that will lead to real estate success

  • “I would say the number one thing is I’m always willing to one, be exposed, but two, better me.” (53:44)
  • “I think when we first get into any, we fear what we don’t know. It’s just human nature. If we don’t know it, we absolutely fear it.” (53:53)
  • “For me, when I go into something, I’m always looking at the upside of if it went right.” (54:25)
  • “The exposure and the willingness to look at the opportunity, rather than just looking at the fear of what happens if I fail.” (56:26)

Work smarter, not harder

  • “What are your values? What are your principles?” (01:05:30)
  • “So as long as we know what our values are and what exactly do we want out of life at the end of the day, what exactly do we want on our tombstone.” (01:07:32)
  • “If you’re not the one out there hitting the hammer, you got to put somebody out there, that’s going to use the hammer.” (01:10:34)
  • “It’s about understanding what your strengths are. That’s what it comes down to.” (01:11:14)

Wealth means creating life by your design

  • “It means that yes, you have to be able to save, you have to be able to give, but more importantly, you have to be able to empower at the end of the day.” (01:15:33)
  • “You’ll never know when you’ve truly been successful in life until you die.” (01:16:09)
  • “But more importantly, you’ll never know how successful you’ve been until you see how many of those people cry at your funeral because those are the people who you’ve truly impacted their lives.” (01:16:24)
  • “We all have our own way and we all have our own tribe or a congregation.” (01:17:10)
  • “…it’s all about the experience that I helped to create and the people that I hope to inspire to go after a life by their design, whatever that design looks like for them.” (01:17:49)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “Working in a corporate space is that everybody could tell you no, but nobody could tell you yes.” – Casanova (22:45)
  • “You got to figure out a way to be the lord of your land. Because he or she who owns the land makes the rules.” – Jay Morrison (24:04)
  • “As your business serves more and more and more and more people, then you’re more blessed.” – Casanova (25:18)
  • “The longer that you wait on trying to analyze everything, the more that you’ll talk yourself out of it.” – Casanova (40:47)
  • “You got to be honest, one, with yourself, but you also gotta be honest with your team.” – Casanova (45:54)
  • “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Casanova (55:26)
  • “…not only is the opportunity amazing, and that’s what excites us, but let’s not forget there’s work in everything that we want to go after.” – Rashauna (01:01:36)
  • “You just have to keep the mind that you’re running your own race and you’re going to have those ups and downs and those highs and those lows. But as long as you keep going, you’re going to find that win.” – Rashauna (01:03:07)
  • “Those of us who dare to dream while the rest of the world is settling for reality, we stand to change the world and make it a better place.” – Casanova (01:04:37)

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