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DreamNation Real Estate Episode 46 – Mark Podolsky: How to Make Passive Income Without Headaches

Are you looking for a way to create passive income without hassle but don’t know how? Just reinvent the wheel that’s already been created by others. Especially if the method already led many to success, who knows, maybe it’s the path for you too. 

For today’s episode, The Land Geek, Mark Podolsky, will share with us the art of investing in raw land, how to do it hassle-free, and the mindset that will get you going so you can achieve your goals and dreams.

Mark is the author of the book Dirt Rich, where he talks about investing with no headaches. He also hosts the Art of Passive Income Model Podcast, where he interviews people who he can learn from. He has already been in the land investing business for about 20 years, so he definitely is one of the go-to if you’re thinking of starting raw land investments.

Here’s What You Missed

Getting started with land investing

  • “We think a thousand dollars is a pretty good starting number.” (15:53)
  • “There’s so much free information out there. You don’t need to like invest in a course right away, like get your feet wet, start learning, and then if you want to go deeper into it, if the model resonates with you, yeah, certainly invest in yourself and get more education.” (16:08)
  • “In the very, very beginning, you want to start taking action, and if you hit a roadblock then sure. But a thousand dollars will get your mailings going and have enough capital leftover to lock up a property.” (16:22)
  • “So you don’t need a lot of money in this to start.” (16:45)

Why housing is more attractive than land buying

  • “If you go on HGTV or the DIY network, it’s all over there. It’s all over. It’s what we see every day. It’s houses.” (17:10)
  • “If you go to a REIA meeting, there’s a hundred people in that meeting, 99 of them are gonna be house flippers, landlords, and wholesalers.” (17:19)
  • “It’s a visual medium, and you can wrap your head around it. Everybody needs a place to live.” (17:32)

Confidence in buying raw land

  • “Real estate, you always want to use other people’s money anyways.” (21:10)
  • “So you always want to use three points of leverage in business: other people’s time, other people’s money and in software to automate, and that’s how you scale and get the next level.” (21:13)

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The success rate in raw land investing

  • “First of all, how you define success?” (24:20)
  • “I define success for my students where it’s basically, did you meet your goal?” (24:38)
  • “Everybody else has a different why. And as long as they’re doing something, that’s going towards that why, I consider it a success.” (25:11)
  • “So it just depends on you personally, but I would say that the only way to fail in anything in life is to quit.” (25:50)

Working extra hours on investing

  • “So if you want to be an entrepreneur, then you want to have a business that you can walk away from and build the machine. You’re going to make it very, very hard on yourself because you’re working too hard in the business.” (27:46)
  • “If you’re in the business five, six hours a day, you’re not working on the business.
  • You’re not thinking like a CEO. You’re thinking like a worker bee.” (28:00)

Quotes and Advices from our host and guest:

  • “So the game we play is can we create enough of these land notes, where our passive income exceeds our fixed expenses, and now we’re working because we want to, not because we have to.” – Mark (10:01)
  • “We make our money on the buy, just like everything real estate.” – Mark (22:18)
  • “The problem with most executives is they think that they need to make every decision in the business.“ – Jeff Bezos (35:51)
  • “So it’s really, really interesting how you go through life with a new awareness. Every moment can be precious. But it takes practice.” – Mark (39:38)
  • “The first step is awareness and the second one is intentionality.” – Casanova (40:07)
  • “If you’ll do for the next three to five years what other people won’t do, you’ll be able to do for the rest of your life what other people can’t do.” – Zig Ziglar (41:20)
  • “When you know your why, you can endure any how.” – Friedrich Nietzsche (41:41)
  • “It’s the will to learn it that scares now. Knowledge is no longer scares. It’s the, will that scares. So if you can muster up the will to change your life, it’s all there for you.” – Mark (42:32)

How to Make Passive Income Without Headaches?

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