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DreamNation Real Estate 21 – Luper Akough: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Real Estate Insurance

Another episode jam-packed with tips and knowledge is coming your way! I have my brother, Luper Akough on the show today and I am excited as always for you to pick his brain on different areas, more on entrepreneurship but also about mindset building and how he trained himself to believe in what he can do. We also talked about being an insurance agent and why you should prioritize getting life insurance. After this episode, you’ll be inspired to strive for success in anything that you do, you’ll be more knowledgeable about the importance of different kinds of insurances, and you’ll have more confidence that you can actually dream, plan, execute and be successful.


Luper is the son of an immigrant. He is thankful that he grew up in an entrepreneurial environment. Even though it did not become so big, his father started the business when Luper was 13 years old. His uncle has a successful landscaping and sprinkler company. So he grew up with a lot of entrepreneurs. Growing up, he knew he will be a business owner as well. He felt it was his obligation to not only surpass this success but, to show other people that it’s possible for themselves as well. Today, Luper I not only an insurance agent, but he also flipped houses, owned Airbnb, and commercial property.


In this episode, Luper talked about why he chose to become an insurance agent at the young age of 19, what his struggles are at the beginning of his journey, and how he overcame them. We will also receive valuable information about the importance of insurance, such as business insurance and life insurance. If you are a business owner dealing with or are worried about the loss of income and/or property damages due to the ongoing riots and protests, you will want to hear Luper’s important tips on what to ask your insurance agent. Lastly, you’ll learn more about life insurance, and why you would not want to be ‘selfish’ and think about the future that the little amount you’ll have to spend now, to give your future generation a higher step in the future. All these and more when you listen to today’s DNRE episode!


Here’s What You Missed


  • Why you should consider being an insurance agent?
  • Tips for young people about how to make others take you seriously
  • Business protection from riots
  • What are the right questions you should ask your insurance agent?
  • How valuable is life insurance?
  • Train yourself to believe in yourself

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Real Estate Insurance 2021?


Knowledge Nuggets:


[5:22] Reason to become an insurance agent: stability and it also has an income that makes sense for me and my family, or not only can I take care of them, but I can also spend time with them and we can travel


[5:34] Being a young millennial time is everything. Time is all we think about. We want to keep as much of it for ourselves as possible.


[8:51] Be consistent in whatever you’re doing. And as long as you’re showing up and showing people that you’re always going to be there eventually they’ll take you seriously.


[10:10] You should always have somebody that you perceive yourself as being equal with. And then you should always have somebody that you’re looking to become like


[13:06] What to ask about protection from riots: I know that you’ll cover the structure if there’s any damage, but, will you guys cover income?  For how long, and what if there are extra costs that are in cured because of what’s going on? In all reality, only 40% of us Americans and owned businesses had the proper coverage in this last situation, with all these protests and riots going on.


[18:50] Why many do not have life insurance: 1. They’re selfish. Only think about now, and not later. 2. They don’t have enough knowledge. They don’t understand how it works.


[19:39] Why have life insurance?: It’s a legacy builder. You’re starting the next generation off at a higher floor.


[20:06] Two main types of life insurance: A term policy and there’s a permanent policy.


[26:50] When you read something, you should think about a couple of different things, 1. Comprehension– what is it saying? 2. Then you’re looking at who’s writing it. What perspective are they coming from? And then the last 3. perspective, if you were writing, how would you tell that story differently?


[27:50] I have plans because a dream is something you think about, while a plan is something that you execute by breaking it up in small steps.


30:45] Training yourself to believe in yourself. Get a picture of what you want, the more you see it and say it, the more you’ll believe it. We are that much in control.

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