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DreamNation Real Estate 20 – Dedrick And Krystal Polite: How To Build Generational Wealth Through Real Estate

“Want to be your own boss?” A question that’s always been both promising yet a bleary street for most entrepreneurs. Financial freedom and time for yourself and your family. You’re going to embark on a life-transforming journey after hearing the story of our today’s guests: Dedric and Krystal Polite. We’ll discuss the best tips, strategies, and helpful mindset of successful business and real-estate entrepreneurs. Let’s talk about the couples’ background a little bit, which I know will equip you to become your own boss.

Dedric And Krystal polite are a married couple who both grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. They both come from humble beginning single-parent backgrounds where they started entrepreneurship at an early age. They had to overcome their situation through education and daily grinding through jobs with benefits. However, they wanted to escape from the corporate rat race; they wanted more time and financial freedom so they can both invest time in what matters to them the most: their family.

At first, they were hesitant about the idea of doing real-estate and wholesaling. Derrick has read and watched lots of videos and books while Krystal is hesitant in jumping to the ship. It even took them 20 months to close their first deal. However, what happens when Derrick – an analytical thinker, and Krystal – an action taker, finally collaborated and decided to get serious with it? How did they shift from day jobs into a full-time real-estate business entrepreneur? Today, the couple have closed lots of deals and grew businesses with more than six-digit figures in annual sales with different teams across different locations and states. They became experts in driving for dollars using the Deal Machine app and now are helping students, and offering free and paid courses for both the new and experienced investors. In this podcast, Dedric and Krystal shared their secrets on training their mindset, getting into the line of business, and as well as their strategies and methods, in hope that you, our dear tribe, will also be able to overcome your hurdles in becoming your own boss – through real-estate business. So, sit back, dig in, and take notes as this couple shares their life-changing journey with us.

Here’s What You Missed

  • Wasn’t just Real-estate, but entirely Entrepreneurship
  • A Combination of an Analytical-Thinker and Action-Taker
  • Figure out your WHY
  • Definition of True Wealth
  • How and why investing in education is best
  • How association matters and affects you and your business
  • Effective use of Marketing Technologies that boost marketing methods

How To Build Generational Wealth Through Real Estate ?


Knowledge Nuggets:

[4:00] I read all the books, but I was, I was over, I was over analyzing right until I met her. She was the, the dreamer to jump off the building and grow wings on the way down. With us = combined the analytical and the action taker. We made it happen right on it.

[6:11] AirBNB on steroids. At first Krystal didn’t think it’s going to work, but later on everyone is doing arbitrage.

[8:25] Let’s just do it and see if it works. “If he can do it, we can do it” “Let’s put pen to paper, and let’s take action”.

[11:50] Don’t give up. It could take you six months… a year… two years. Don’t give up, keep going at it.

[12:00] “Once you figure it out, you know it, no one can take that knowledge away from you.” What’s more important is what you do in between the time of waiting. Educate yourself on the entire business, invest on education masterminds, coaches and consultants.

[12:42] …shortened the learning curve by investing so much in education

[13:33] …invested so much money, this had to work. Not an option, thus It has to work. We got to pay it off.

[16:28] We figure out our why: True Wealth – what we do and how it affects the generations after us. That’s what we are really focused on.

[17:12] What made them into wholesaling because we want to build a rental portfolio. We never got into wholesaling to get into just-wholesaling.

[17:36] “Cherry pick the best, wholesale and the rest.” Our business marketing isn’t just wholesale. We want to build our own rental-portfolio. We market based on what we want to buy and hold.

[20:24] In every industry, there’s something that you can buy for less than what you can turn around and sell it for

[21:36] When people think about real-estate business, they worry about the license. You don’t necessarily need a license, but you do need the specialized knowledge. You can’t just depend on YouTube university, even if it is great.

[22:07] Learning from online videos (YouTube), only gets you a surface level. Dig deeper through seminars, hiring coaches, mentors or even experts who’ve actually done what you’re looking to do – it’s going to take you to the next level.

[28:39] The majority of our deals is using this Driving for Dollars app called Deal Machine. Super-simple, cost-effective and definitely one of the best methods to make sure you stay within a marketing budget

[30:41] Real-estate investors use look up the 70% rule

[35:17] We would have started sooner. A visionary and integrator combined

[36:59] Make sure that you’re open to every opportunity, even if at times it’s unknown. Have your ears open, and listen. You might be like others who are trying to figure out their pivot – trying to get certainty in this pandemic world.

[37:35] The Power of Associating. Whoever you spend the most time with, eventually your going to gravitate to becoming like them – financially, spiritually, physically.

[38:07] Not trying to figure out everything yourself, by being cheap. Become an expert at hiring experts.

[39:56] Get around people who inspire you, because what you put into your brain is the most powerful thing to drown out all the negative.

[40:37] Les Brown quote: “If you fall, fall on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up.” Stay on the course, be really diligent in your why’s and goals. Time well-spent.

[42:09] It’s a journey not a trip. Remain focused on your goals.


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