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DreamNation Real Estate 19 – Fee Gentry: How To Become An Agent Of Change

You may agree that one of the most important aspects of a business is its people. They want to be heard, seen, and included. Fee Gentry, our podcast guest for today is a driving force to a movement championing inclusivity, equality, and collaboration. She loves to be a “part of a company whose culture embraces differences, promotes equality and mutual respect, and provides a space where everyone has a voice and the opportunity to succeed.” That’s what she teaches others and runs her team. Do you want to know how you can leverage the real you, being exactly who you are and your marketplace? Fee is your gal! Fee has been a delight to chat with, very smart and fun, and really knowledgeable about what she does. She is a board member of the eXp World Holdings and be prepared to hear great opportunities that are open to every agent, especially women and people of color!


Fee grew up from the Monterrey peninsula. She already knew that she got great skills, she’s nerdy and studious, and thought-driven. She is somewhat reserved, but not shy. At the young age of six, she knew that if she’s going to work, she’ll be the boss. That’s how her parents raised them as well. True enough, even before entering the world of real estate, Fee owned at least 11 businesses around nine different industries. She understands marketing and has a genuine love for people.


In this episode, Fee talks about the right mindset to success, the best way to market real estate, why she chose to focus on new construction homes, why she joined eXp and how it is different from other brokerages, and other traits you should have as an agent to win in the industry. As you listen to this full episode, you’ll appreciate not only the tips and tricks Fee dropped about how to be better in real estate, but also her passion for women and people of color and how she strives to create opportunities for others to thrive and achieve in a growth-minded environment where agents are valued for who they are and the unique perspective that they bring to the table.


Here’s What You Missed


  • How to have that athlete mindset
  • Why you should consider looking into the ‘new construction homes’ sector?
  • Why does ‘direct response marketing’ always works?
  • Exp as the most diverse and inclusive brokerage
  • What’s the true test of success and strength and leadership

Fee Gentry: How To Become An Agent Of Change?


Knowledge Nuggets



[4:04] If I was going to work, I was going to be the boss. And I knew that I wanted to attain wealth and independence, more so independence and freedom.


[6:48] When you come with the athlete and competitive mindset, you can’t be thinking about that last bad shot you made you have to get to the next thing to get you to that next thing to that next success.


[9:58] Direct response marketing, which is based on consumer behavior and emotional responses to things. I knew that that was going to work, people buy on emotion


[18:37] Why new construction homes: You’re going to get new materials. You’re going to get latest designs. You’re going to be usually in a master plan community that are zoned to good schools, better resources. You’re going to have a buyer incentives from the builder, which is down payment assistance, closing costs. You’ll get all the extras in, into a house like upgrades that you may want on a house, et cetera.


[25:10] We wanted the EXP to be the most diverse and inclusive brokerage, not only just in the country, but in the world, we want to, we want to change the industry.


[29:50] On eXp: eXp made real estate fun again. Because of the workplace collaboration, I now have referrals from all over the, all over the country and people reaching out even internationally.


[33:05] On what she could have done better: It’s putting down my ego and pride and asking for more help. The true test of success and strength and leadership is asking for help.


[36:30] Everything that you need is already inside of you.



Important Reads and Links


Fee Gentry Website:                                           https://feegentry.com/

Fee Gentry Instagram:                        https://www.instagram.com/fee_gentry/

Fee Gentry Facebook:                        https://www.facebook.com/fee.gentry

Fee Gentry Twitter:                                             https://twitter.com/FeeGentry

Fee Gentry LinkedIn:                                          https://www.linkedin.com/in/feegentry/

Fee Gentry YouTube:                          https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfzY6-FhIuHKr6M2pdIiSbQ


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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill




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