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DreamNation Episode 222 – Turn Your Dreams into Reality – with Darnyelle Jervey Harmon


Here’s a snapshot of a few things we talked about…

  • Who is the Lois Lane, When It Comes to Darnyelle? [00:01:55]
  • When Did the Shift Happen for Her? [00:03:31]
  • What Was the Key Moment for Her When She Decided to Leave Her Corporate Job? [00:08:23]
  • Why She Couldn’t Make it in the Entrepreneurship World the First Time [00:13:45]
  • Why Did She Decide to Go into Coaching? [00:19:23]
  • What is Her Framework? [00:25:52]
  • One Thing She Wishes She Had Implemented Sooner to Accelerate Her Journey? [00:30:39]
  • Her Advice for People Looking to Take Action [00:37:13]

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

In this episode, Casanova and Darnyelle talk about to overcome self-doubt and turn your dreams into reality.

Darnyelle says that first and foremost, she is a woman after God’s own heart. She is really big into taking consistent steps every single day, giving herself lots of grace and self-care and showing up fully, everywhere she can be. When she is not doing any of that, she is quirky and likes to call herself, ghett-u’à; that’s ghetto with a little bit of bougie.

Darnyelle can best be found with a book in her hands, reading something to make her soul and my spirit leap because that’s something important to her and she loves to laugh. She tries to find moments to laugh as much as possible, and she believes in the best things in life.

She adds that the best things in life are free. They don’t cost you anything but your presence, so, she tries to enjoy as many moments as she can, when she is fully present. She says that after the distinct defining moments in her journey where she stepped up, she shined and her ability to command the stage became more authentic, real, and personable.

She recalls three distinct defining moments from her life. First one was when she was graduating from high school. She was the first to graduate from high school, go to college from her college. When she was going to college, she realized that she had an opportunity to really show up.

That was where she started to believe what everybody else was saying. The second moment was in 2004, the day she walked into her boss’s office and her full-time corporate job, and realized that she was no longer built to sit behind someone else’s desk.

The last moment was in 2018, when she realized that she had still been holding back, playing small, showing up just enough to get what she knew she could do, because she was really afraid of doing what she was supposed to do.

Darnyelle then started putting all of the things in place to be able to live that out. There was a piece of her that was afraid that if she really let her light shine, she would blind somebody, instead of realizing if she really let her light shine, she would light the path for somebody.

Talking about her last day of working in 2004, she calls it her Keith Sweat moment, as she felt like ‘Something’s Not Right.’ She ended up going to her manager and telling her that it was going to be her last day. She felt like she had, for the first time in a long time, made a decision that was going to seal her next step, and what she was supposed to be doing, even though she didn’t have a clue what it is.

Darnyelle adds that before doing something similar, you should have a backup plan. For her, things did not work well, and she had to file for bankruptcy. She also had to go back to work a job, while she figured entrepreneurship. 10 years later, now she runs a million-dollar company.

While working at Mary Kay, she was able to achieve success, but things worked so well for her because it was a proven marketing plan. All she had to do was work it. When you’re starting your own company, there is no marketing plan. There is no blueprint because it’s a brand-new thing. You don’t even know if what you are intending to sell to people is what people actually want to buy.

Darnyelle adds that starting a ground up business is not like transitioning from a proven business model. They are not one in the same. Things didn’t work out for her because she had taken her eyes off of God. So many other things had become the focal point of her existence at that point in time, that she wasn’t really tapped in. Darnyelle said that she wouldn’t go back and do anything differently because it’s made her a much better person, better servant, and a much better business coach.

She adds that when you try to let your ego lead, things don’t usually go well. Instead, bring yourself back down to earth and realize that everybody needs support, because if you could do it by yourself, it would already be done. Talking about her journey to coaching, she started as a motivational speaker.

She started telling her story because she had a really impactful story, and that was her first business. She was really in this hustle and grind, because she had to live from speaking engagement to speaking engagement in order to meet her needs.

Then, Darnyelle started working as a consultant, and when she learned about group coaching, it was a hit. Then, she had this coaching group, she started to solidify her framework, which she still uses to this day. She loves coaching because of how she has been able to transform the lives of people she helps out.

Darnyelle’s 10-step framework, Leverage Your Incredible Factor System covers seven areas in a business that really makes sure that all of the systems and everything is in place. This includes mindset messaging, marketing, sales, operations, talent, legacy, and leadership. They also integrate life coaching, financial management coaching and wealth building as well.

She continues by adding that she doesn’t do this for the money, she does it for the transformation. While she charges for her services, being able to bring these pieces together for people is so powerful for her, because most of the people that she works with, they were not born entrepreneurs. They don’t know all of the things they need to know; except they know that they want to make a difference.

Talking about something that could have accelerated her journey, Darnyelle said that knowing what she knows today, she would have known that it was just a distraction. It was meant to derail her from the purposes that had already been established and preordained for her. And instead of being overcome by them, she would have just walked into them.

She adds that if we really stopped and traced it, it could be the catalyst for all of the things that happened, because she was so afraid of what would happen if she realized her own power, but she knows now that her power is what makes her special and it’s only when she let it out that she gets to be the transformation that she want to see in the world.

Darnyelle says that there are a lot of people who are sitting in lack, because they don’t understand the paradigm of abundance that’s their birthright. You can see clearly after it’s all said and done, but she thinks that it was all for her own good, and it was all to get her to this place. And knowing that she has arrived here at this moment, it makes it all worth it.

For people looking for inspiration to take action, she says that just like two-thirds of God’s name is Go, so, just get moving. Walk the path, take the step, we don’t have to know all of the steps. So, get clear about where you’re going, and take the next step to take the path, the path will emerge as you walk it.

Key Quotes:

  • “I focus on the quality moments and quality time and not materialistic things …”—
  • “When you’re doing what people expect of you, and when the light is always been on you, you shine…”
  • “I just made a decision in late 2018 that I wasn’t going to play small anymore. That the God in me was going to play as big as God played when he created me…”
  • “I don’t necessarily advocate for anyone trying this at home, like don’t be going in your boss’s office to quit your job. If you ain’t got no backup plan. Don’t do that…”
  • “What you don’t need is to be figure out the strategy and worrying about the money at the same time, it’s counterproductive…”
  • “I made the mistake of not doing market research… and when I was finally ready to share it with the world and put it out there, no one wanted it because it was what I wanted, not what they wanted…”
  • “It took a catalyst, it took my own proverbial rock bottom for me to realize, yo, you need to slow down. You need to back up right…”
  • “Ego is really fear in reverse. It’s still fear, but you’re just allowing the bigness of the fear to be subsided by your own beliefs about the fear…”
  • “[Ego] stands for ‘edging god out’…”—Cass
  • “The reason why I love coaching is because of the transformation…”
  • “They come to me because they have a problem in their business, but what they leave with is they’re a better spouse, a better parent, a better citizen, a better human…”
  • “Unlike a lot of coaches that are out there that specialize in one part of the process or the other, we look at the whole business, the whole CEO…”
  • “For me, it’s all about the transformation, not the transaction…”
  • “We literally get to be the person who puts the puzzle together for them, me and my team, which is just it’s magical…”
  • “There are really no words to describe the elation, I get to feel on a daily basis because I decided to say yes to myself and stop sitting behind someone else’s desk, two times…”
  • “It’s that shift that comes with wisdom. With, you know, with stumbling and hurting yourself a couple of times and being able to still get up and walk…”





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