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DreamNation Episode 221 – Casanova: The Success Cycle

Here’s a snapshot of a few things I talked about…

  • Michael Jordan and More Discipline
  • Motivation Needs Discipline and Habits to Succeed
  • Three Tasks Habit
  • Your Mind Is Your Greatest Asset
  • Keep Your Mind Clean
  • ‘The Success Cycle’

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

In this episode, Casanova talks about the success cycle and the habits and the discipline that can help you reach your full potential.

Cas starts out by talking about Michael Jordan, and how he was out there every single day, and he was making sure that he had a better habit that he could implement into his life, that he had more discipline the next day, because the motivation and the inspiration wears off.

He continues by saying that motivation will not be enough if you don’t formulate discipline and habits that every single day you can work on something. He suggests writing down three things the night before that you’re going to tackle.

Then, if you get two out of the three accomplished and you carry the other one over. Now, you’re feeling like you’re making progress each day. He adds that you should not always lean on others to support or push you. You have to have the control over you.

Your mind is your greatest asset, if you’re constantly filling it with negative thoughts, then what you’re going to get is negative results. He talks about the ‘success cycle’, a way to gauge your potential, action, results and belief. 

To be able to reach your full potential, you have to take action, which will bear results, which strengthens their belief. It doesn’t matter where you start, but it matters all of those four things in combination, will give you the opportunity to go after a life by your design.

Then, you can go out and live a life by your desire and your dreams, and then you can inspire other people to do it as well.

Key Quotes:

  • “Motivation is just like bathing. You need to do it daily because it wears off. …”
  • “The more belief that we have, the more action that will take, but yet the more that we know that we’re going towards our greatest potential…”
  • “The first step, not being a quitter, understanding that, hey, I need to change…”


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