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Dreamnation Episode 220 – Mark Savant: Developing Know, Like and Trust

Here’s a snapshot of a few things we talked about…

  • Who is the Clark Kent, When It Comes to Mark Savant? [00:01:21]
  • How To Make Your Content Valuable and Stick Out [00:04:20]
  • How to Get Started with Content Creation as a Realtor? [00:06:31]
  • Why He Chose to Go ‘All In’ On Podcasting and Create His Medium Around Podcasting? [00:10:21]
  • How to Create Concept, Redistribute and Repurpose it On a Smaller Budget [00:12:20]
  • How Did He Gain Credibility with His Podcasts? [00:14:41]
  • The Best Way to Gain Traction on Clubhouse [00:22:13]
  • Can You do Podcasting on Clubhouse? [00:24:55]
  • One Thing He Wishes He Had Implemented Sooner to Accelerate His Journey? [00:29:06]
  • What Started to Change the Needle for Him? [00:31:00]
  • His Advice for People Looking to Take Action [00:33:40]

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

In this episode, Casanova and Mark talk about create better content in less time, so you can really focus on what they love. 

Through his podcast show ‘The After Hours Entrepreneur’, Mark helps his viewers learn how to evolve with the new technologies, the new ways to communicate, staying top of mind, building know, like, and trust, so that they can drive more leads. 

When Mark started his journey into social media management, podcast, coaching, digital media help; it was all about family. He is trying to build these processes, these systems, build out a team so that he could spend more time with the people I love—my wife, my two kids.

Mark believes that social media is a powerful tool, and if you can stay top of mind, provide valuable information, then you’re going to be the person that they call. For those looking to make their content stick out and valuable, Mark says that it depends on your business and on your goals. 

He further adds that what’s really important is that you’re always trying new things, but you’re not obsessed with the new things. If you’re not actually carving out time to try the new thing, you’re going to miss out, you always got to be trying the new thing.

Mark describes that the goal behind creating content should be that you are trying to solve someone’s problem. You should try to give someone a quick win. As a realtor, create content that addresses the common questions and common concerns. 

Mark is huge in podcasting, and adds that podcasting and repurposing is another huge way to build know, like, and trust. Now, whenever someone DMs him on Instagram about anything, he directs them to the similar content on his YouTube channel. 

Once they go through the videos, and they want to learn more, then maybe they can hop on a call, and go a level deeper. He adds that it takes time for everyone to see you as an expert and it comes with that consistency. 

Mark adds that although podcasting has many advantages, you should have an end goal in mind. Mark also focuses on how he can build out the infrastructure from his podcasts. So, a 30-minute conversation could end up being hours of rewatchable, bingeable content for people.

For people looking to start a podcast, Mark says that you can absolutely start a podcast on a shoestring budget. You can buy all of your hardware for less than a hundred, use free audio editing and publishing platforms to get your content out. 

To gain credibility, Mark says that you have to be consistent. Furthermore, when it comes to your podcast, you don’t really want to be selling. You also have to be authentic and let your personality shine through.

Mark adds that nowadays, you can target your audience via ads based on demographic, interest, location, etc. Cas adds that he or she, who spends the most to acquire a new customer, then they win, because attention is the new currency.

Talking about the Clubhouse app, Mark says that it’s the same rule across every social media plan form in, you have to create, and on Clubhouse is a little bit scary, because you’re getting on a stage. 

If you want success on Clubhouse, it’s about getting on stage and sharing either valuable questions that are going to extract valuable information, or it’s about giving that valuable information.

As for using Clubhouse for podcasting, Mark adds that your content does not remain on the platform. In podcasting, you’re there in perpetuity. You can build up this momentum and if someone hears you on Clubhouse and they want more, they can go binge on your content from your podcast.

Cas says that Clubhouse can be used to generate leads for free. Mark adds that in all of his years on social media, nothing has driven more leads, more people into his atmosphere than Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is a good way of standing out and just really connecting with someone on a deeper level than just an Instagram deal. Talking about something he wishes he had started early to accelerate his journey, Mark says that he wishes he would have started experimenting and trying new things sooner. 

His ‘aha’ moment that changed the needle for him was a conversation he had with his grandfather, who shared a binder full of memories with him. Mark adds that for him, it is about legacy and thinking about what you want your binder to look like when you’re talking to your grandkid.

Mark thinks that it’s important to have a vision moving forward, but if you just focus on, ‘I’m just gonna be a little bit better each day’, it’s exponential the way it’s not linear. Focus on how you can be a little bit better than yesterday. 

Key Quotes:

  • “If you’re still handing out, like little flyers and putting up billboards, it’s not going to work…”—Mark Savant.
  • “The real key to entrepreneurship and success, is the person that fails the most times, wins…”—Mark Savant.
  • “Spend 80% of your time doing what has proven to work, and 20% of your time experimenting with the new thing…”—Mark Savant.
  • “When you’re trying the new thing, the algorithms are gonna favor you. Social media platforms are going to favor you, because they want to test it…”—Mark Savant.
  • “Answer the general questions in video and then get to the specifics when that person wants to learn more…” —Mark Savant.
  • “Your network is your net worth…”
  • “It’s really about staying top of mind…”
  • “People will come for the guest, that’s the Halo Effect. People come for the guests, but they stay for the host…”
  • “In this world, where you can run Facebook ads that are specifically targeted to a demographic, a location, an interest; you can get super tactical with your content…”
  • “On Clubhouse to actually hearing the words coming from your mouth in real time, and you’re able to give people we talked about quick wins…”
  • “I think there’s a real symbiosis there in the way these two platforms [podcasting and Clubhouse] connect in…”
  • “On Clubhouse you can have a conversation with someone, and they know, okay, this person is legit…”
  • “It’s really easy to overestimate, what you can do in one year, but underestimate what you can do in 10 years…”
  • “Focus on being a little bit better each day, fail as many times as you can, ‘cause if you’re failing, it means you’re still in the game, and that’s my mentality, man…”


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