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Dreamnation Episode 216 – Mark Divine: Develop an Unbreakable Mindset

Here’s a snapshot of a few things we talked about…

  • Who is the Behind-The-Scenes of ‘Mark Divine’? [00:01:00]
  • When Did Mark Decide That He Wanted to Go Down a More Spiritual Path? [00:03:50]
  • How Mark Differentiates Between Which Message to Listen to and Which Messages to Ignore? [00:11:58]
  • How People Can Unlearn Things from The Past and Reprogram Their Mindset? [00:15:00]
  • Have Affirmations Played Any Part in His Emotional State, or Making Him a Thought Leader on the Positivity Side? [00:25:43]
  • How Mark Avoids Distractions and Stays Focused? [00:33:23]
  • If He Could Go Back and Change Anything, What Would It Be? [00:47:09]
  • Words of Motivation to Help People Take Action [00:51:46]

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

In this episode, Casanova and Mark discuss mental toughness and resiliency, and how to train to be someone special.

Mark shares that there’s a lot of synchroneity between what he teaches and how he lives. He spends at least four hours of his day, training himself to be a better person; physically, mentally, emotionally, intuitively, and spiritually. He calls them “The Five Mountains.”

Mark firmly believes in walking his talk and leading and living by example. He learned some incredibly valuable lessons, both in becoming a SEAL and leading other individuals in those dangerous, crazy situations. 

Mark’s shift towards spirituality didn’t start until he got into Zen meditation, as a part of martial art. He also put himself on a routine that would keep me fit. 

Joining a Martial Arts school in New York, and learning meditation alongside karate, he opened himself up to the possibility that there was way more going on than what met the eye. That process led him to completely change the story of the life that he was living. 

Mark adds that the reason why the SEALs are so successful is because they work as a really highly refined team, that can do stuff that other teams can’t do, because they’re relying on intuition and the explosive power of that team, like morphogenic field. 

Responding to how your mind thinks and receives information, it’s both spiritual and mental strength. Mark wanted to teach others what he learned and how he was able to be a good, effective, intuitive, emotionally mature leader. 

Mark has also created his own yoga program, called Kokoro yoga. ‘Kokoro’ means merging the heart and mind into your actions.

Casanova shares how helpful meditation has been for him. Mark adds that how we perceive others initially is usually a projection or a transference projection. Someone who reminds you of a past emotional issue or trauma, you project onto them. 

Mark believes that the conditioned stuff from the past that you need to really, unearth and clean up, as part of your growth, because that stuff will limit spiritual growth. 

When it comes to unlearning something, you need to recognize the actual patterns of what’s going to hold you back. Then, you create a separation between you and that pattern. As a thought pattern, we can pull it outside of us and look at it.

After that, we go deep on this stuff in our unbeatable mind programs is to use imagery or guided imagery, in a practice called ‘recapitulation.’ Following those three steps—the awareness of, and then the recapitulation, and reducing the negative and enhancing the positive, it leads to healing.

Mark further adds that what holds people back is that they don’t know how to grow. They don’t know how to take conscious evolution or conscious control over their evolution. This is what he teaches people.  

He says that the process of accelerated vertical development or vertical growth, where you evolve your consciousness, and you take conscious control over that, is crucial. You got to wake up and you’ve got to both evolve, take care of your own evolution, and you got to do the emotional cleanup.

When it comes to affirmations, Mark believes that they are useful, but they’re just part of the puzzle. A mantra is just an affirmation that’s repeated over and over and over. You can have a positive affirmation and a negative emotional state, and it’s just going to cancel each other out.

Affirmations are only as good as your willingness to also do the emotional work to root out the belief system that could cancel out the affirmation that says, “I’m feeling good, I’m looking good”. 

When we talk about mental development, you have to learn how to concentrate and to decrease the clutter. Like Navy SEALs, you have to learn take the gas pedal off the concentration and learn to just relax into the experience of being more, so that you could connect more with your heart and intuition. 

Mark adds that to avoid distractions, sometimes we’ve got to ask, we’ve got to start with the negative. Like, what am I not supposed to do? Then, you have to as what am I passionate about? what am I principled about? and what is my purpose?

For Mark, he was being held back by his co-dependence, but his spirit was always leading him to pointing in the other direction. He started looking at things that he was passionate about. 

Following that, you have to ask, what are you principled about? This would inform your sense of purpose. So, you just sit with that and meditate on that and reflect on that. 

If you could find the center point where your passion, your purpose and, and your principles, all the stuff that’s on the inside, trying to come out, align without worrying about the goals and the mission, then the doing part will get much clearer to you or often reveal itself to you.

If there was something Mark could go back and change, it would be relentless discipline, commitment to protecting the first couple hours, even if it’s one hour of his day to do the inner work.

Mark believes the answers lie within, but you got to slow down, pause, look within, and ask better questions than listen. You need to carve out time in the morning or the evening, or at least in the morning.

For the people looking to take action, Mark suggests that you should stop listening to your ego. You got to start focusing on other things. Once that little voice will be gone, and you’ll be on a whole new path toward wholeness.

Key Quotes:

  • “It’s so important to me to continue my own evolution and to take conscious control of that evolution and to take serious action on that every day that I don’t allow anything to disrupt that…” – Mark Divine.
  • “When you lose your body, you eventually lose your mind…”– Mark Divine.
  • “The SEALs are largely, you know, you have to have the physical skills even to get in, but it is the mental strength and your emotional resiliency, that get you through the training and into the SEALs…”– Mark Divine.
  • “Every challenge that you have had including in the last year, has a silver lining…”– Mark Divine.
  • “The recapitulation process has two points. One is to understand what happened and to forgive yourself and whoever the perpetrators were and to diminish the power of the negative side of that event. And the second is to recontextualize it, reframe it, enter implant the positive lesson as a sense of knowing this and appreciation…”– Mark Divine.
  • “We have to be positive and project love, connection and abundance into the world starting with ourselves…”– Mark Divine.
  • “Change is one person at a time from the inside out”—Mahatma Gandhi. 
  • “My affirmation, when I went through SEAL training, and I said it probably a trillion times so much so that it’s the first thing I hear in my mind when I wake up in the morning, was, “I’m feeling good. I’m looking good. I ought to be in Hollywood…”– Mark Divine.
  • “Asking yourself what you’re passionate about and then clarifying that by asking yourself what do you not like, what are you absolutely dispassionate about, you start to get a really interesting information…”– Mark Divine.
  • “If you don’t feel content, if you don’t feel peace of mind, if you don’t feel love for all beings in reverence for the earth, then you got work to do…”– Mark Divine.
  • “Box Breathing, it’s in that 30-day challenge. The breathing will clear and calm your mind. And then your mind that gives you the strength then to turn, to begin concentration practice, and that concentration will, will steal your mind further…”– Mark Divine.


  • markdivine.com
  • unbeatablemind.com/challenge 

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