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Dreamnation Episode 212 – Rob Moore: Scale Up Your Life

The best type of success is the one you built from scratch, the success that started because you’ve been through multiple and different levels of hardships, the success in which you’ve done all the steps to scale up. That’s the most fruitful type of success, isn’t it?

Wouldn’t you feel more accomplished if despite the challenges, you still pushed through and you used these as your drive to scale up your life? Take for example how our guest for this podcast, Rob Moore did it to be successful. Being a bullied fat kid, he used this experience and emotional drive to strive harder to be useful and valuable. And until now, he hasn’t lost that drive to scale up and help people.

Rob is The Disruptive Entrepreneur and investor of multiple businesses. He’s also authored 17 best-selling business books such as Money: Know More, Make More, Give More. He’s continued to share value by being a prolific podcaster, content creator, and public speaker.

Here’s what you missed:

Turn your pain into gain

  • “…really what I am is a recovering fat kid. Who’s still trying to get noticed and appreciated and feels useful and valuable.” (01:23)
  • “And it will never be enough. And I don’t feel in any way accomplished. And even as I say those things, I just feel like I’ve got so much more to do.” (03:01)
  • “And. I think that’s because I’m still trying to get the recognition and the praise and the approval and the respect and feeling useful and valuable because even though I lost all the way. I never lost those needs to be…”(03:24)
  • “what you’ve done is you’ve turned that pain into gain. You’ve turned that pain into a mission, into a message to inspire the masses with your work and. That’s what I’m doing the same thing. And that’s why I’ll never rest.” (4:50)

The biggest drivers of change

  • ” We all want to be noticed. We all want recognition.” (05:57)
  • ” The schools I out there was a long summer holiday. It was nine weeks and I lost all the weight.” (07:34)
  • “and so that taught me that I could do anything I wanted to put my mind to, but it didn’t, I didn’t lose the feelings. I didn’t all of a sudden become a confident person because girls started to notice me and guys didn’t take the piss out of me.” (08:12)
  • “Basically. I was complacent. I was lazy. I didn’t like rich people. I didn’t like successful people that I was better. I felt everyone else was lucky. I felt I’d been dealt a bad hand and. And on that day, everything changed over the process of a week. I met my business partner, who I’m still business partners with today. ” (09:19)
  • “…what drives me now is to help as many people on this planet start to scale their business and get a better financial education.” (11:12)

Give me anything, I’ll try anything

  • “My dad kept telling me I should go into property or real estate, as you say in America. Um, and I just, nah, I can’t afford it.” (12:45)
  • “…just dismiss, dismiss, dismiss, dismiss. And then when, with what happened with my dad, I was just like, give me anything, give me anything. I’ll try anything.” (12:57)
  • “He helped me get a job in a property sourcing company and locally, and I was prepared to work for free just to get the knowledge, but, um, they gave me minimum wage, but they gave me a 500-pound commission for property sale.” (13:19)
  • “My share of that got me out of debt and got me up to nearly six, a six-figure earner.” (13:54)
  • “We’d already got 20, but we started full-time sourcing for ourselves and then sourcing for other people as well. So selling deals onto others, the deal packaging. And we bought another 30 that year. And in that year we divided up roles and responsibilities because in the first year we were just doing everything together.” (15:32)

Turn your vocation into vacation

  • “Well, look, I think the most important thing is to do something that you’re inspired by. Turn your passion into your profession, your vocation, into your vacation…” (16:59)
  • “The key is what do you love to do? You know, what are you inspired by now 30 years ago, you didn’t get to do what you love.” (18:15)
  • “But whatever you love to do and you’re passionate about.” (18:39)

Fear of not pushing through

  • “…find something that you love, you know, what you love to do. You just have to have the courage to go…because I think what stops a lot of people is one, how do I make it work?
  • ” I think another big fear is why would people listen to me? ” (19:45)
  • “So anyone listening people like you for you, they like your style your way. And all right, there might not be any new information under the sun, but they liked the way you share it.
  • They like your values, your vision, your energy, your enthusiasm, your style, whatever it is that makes you, you… The next thing, and this is the most important thing is the single most important thing is the thing that stops nearly everyone. You have to have the courage to be disliked.” (20:15)
  • “Knowing who you are and showing the world who you are and with no filter, I E not over-exaggerating yourself and, you know, bullshitting and not minimizing yourself. And pretending that you’re less than you are just who you really are.” (21:17)
  • “I think the single biggest blockage to most people’s success is they fear ridicule, judgment. They fear making mistakes. They fear what other people will think about their failure. They fear what other people will say about them. You have to get over that. You have to get over it. Cause it doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t matter.” (22:04)

What are you most proud of?

  • “I think I’m the most proud of, um, raising two children who are, yeah, they’re really good kids, 10 and six, and that’s mostly thanks to my wife, but we’re a team and I build the empire and she looks after the empire” (22:51)
  • ” I’m proud of all the people that I’ve helped. I get daily messages from people who say they’re inspired by me” (23:27)
  • “…money’s money, isn’t it funny is money, whatever, you know, that’s making millions and tens of millions and hundreds of millions is it’s not something to be proud of. It’s shifter. It’s just the result. It’s the outcome of the value you give. ” (24:18)

Build a team early

  • “I think now more than ever, you have the ability to build a team quicker and in a more lean fashion.” (25:31)
  • “… you can get a lot of help virtually online for not much money. You can have remote Teddy salespeople on no salary, only commission. So I’d say embrace that as quick as you can, because like, if you go, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” (26:01)
  • “But, you know, if you’ve got a family and you know, you’re not completely new to business, or you’ve got a bit of experience in a career, um, and you want to scale quicker and you don’t want to do it at the expense of your health and your family. It doesn’t have to be that way. ” (26:44)
  • “So I would definitely recommend people start outsourcing as quick as they can and get used to outsourcing tasks because also the quicker you outsource task, it teaches you to manage people.” (27:39)

How to get noticed and be memorable

  • “…honoring your own talents and strengths and greatness and being yourself, I think finding a way to get noticed and be memorable.” (29:49)
  • “I think, you know, doing things for people first people are often trying to get first, but doing things for people. ” (30:26)
  • “there’s always a way that you can find to do something nice for someone that’s a bit further ahead of you to, to get noticed.” (30:48)

Partnerships, collaborations, and hiring people

  • “It’s two things and I did it, but I did it too slow. I didn’t focus on it. Enough. One is partnerships and collaborations and two is hiring people.” (32:00)
  • “And so I should have definitely staffed up or outsourced much quicker. Number one, and I should have embraced partnerships and collaborations much quicker. I did them, but probably didn’t focus on them enough.” (32:20)
  • ” I could name another 10 people like that, who I’ve I’m in partnership with, um, you know, whether they’re speakers or trainers for our company, or we do collaborations together.” (32:53)

Have impactful partnerships

  • “It depends. They’re all different… That that would, that would be one way. It could be that we promote each other and speak each other’s events.” (33:30)
  • “You could call that a partnership or collaboration because obviously he’s got great reach, so many different ways to do them, but most areas of business, there is a partnership or a collaboration opportunity.” (34:24)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “I just want my whole life to be driven by pain. I don’t, you know, I don’t live in pain all day every day, but I’m driven by not wanting to go back to those places.” – Rob, (10:19)
  • “I don’t want my life to be about pain, but I just want to know the feeling of never having to go back there. To know that I had the choice to change things ” – Casanova, (11:40)
  • “I think the most important thing is to do something that you’re inspired by” – Rob, (17:00)
  • “But at the end of the day, we didn’t really care about the money. What we care about is what it allows us to do with the money.” – Casanova, (24:35)
  • “…if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – Rob, (26:13)
  • “one minute, planning, saves five minutes doing” – Brian Tracy, (28:59)
  • ” And I’ll say it now, if you don’t risk anything, you risk everything.” – Rob, (35:27)

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