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Dreamnation Episode 208: Isis Woods: Live Your Purpose and Your Dream

Everybody experienced trauma at some point in his life. And this trauma would, most of the time, hold you back instead of pushing you forward. Everybody faces this struggle of handling trauma – you end up losing trust in yourself or in others, not moving on and thinking you deserve the trauma you got and it’s only you who goes through it.

What we sometimes don’t realize is, we are not alone in this situation. Once you listen to other people’s stories, you’ll realize you’re not the only one experiencing trauma. And this will help you to better handle your own and even help other people who go through it.

That’s why the perfect journey to listen to now is in this episode with Isis Brianna Woods. She had to deal with trauma at a young age but she was able to use her story to help other people and turned her purpose into profit by becoming an entrepreneur.

Isis transitioned from a kindergarten teacher to a successful entrepreneur in less than 8 months by selling Lightroom presets as a side hustle. Now, she’s a Digital Guru helping others use social media platforms to effectively monetize their brands and create digital products that sell.

Here’s what you missed:

Inventory of your past life

  • “…every time I really got to talk to parents and I talked about their divorce and parents would tell you the tea most of them got divorced over something that had to do with money…” (02:48)
  • “How could I trust myself to make decisions? If I was the same person who put myself in situations for that to happen too…” (03:37)
  • “…there’s a lot of decisions that she had to make that were tough because. We didn’t have the money…a lot of it has come down to the fact of the lack there, of, of money.” (04:18)
  • “But I have realized when I have the finances and when families have the finances, they fight through a lot more things.” (04:55)

This ain’t my final destination

  • “I would say I was doing fine. Um, and then I really, I found Lord again on my own.” (08:27)
  • “… the feeling of safety that came over me just to say it. And I was like, yeah, me too. That’s all I said. And I burst out crying and the whole room was like, what’s happening? We’re hugging. Um, and I, but in that moment, I just felt empowered” (09:09)
  • “…in that moment I realized just the power of support and I knew I’ve always been that person. Like when something. Feels good to me. I want to give it to somebody else.” (09:46)
  • “… I’m going to get my book and I’m going to be a New York Times bestseller, and I’m going to help so many people. Um, and that did not happen. The book is not written. I don’t know if that’s something I want to do anymore, but I’m glad that it brought me to Instagram. ” (10:28)

Jumping into entrepreneurship

  • “… but I feel like it’s so disrespectful to God when he gives you something that you don’t use it. ” (11:51)
  • ” I was blessed enough to have two people in my life who were entrepreneurs and who are I say work” (13:47)
  • “…if it won’t kill you. And what’s the worst that can happen?” (14:44)
  • “You work more because you pour more energy into it. ” (15:12)
  • “I don’t think it was a big jump for me because I am such a planner… So for me to go on entrepreneurship, I had a, what I would consider a pretty nice cushion to do whatever I want it to do.” (15:29)
  • ” Like everybody’s so used to sticking to the status quo and we’ll have a job take sick days when you’re not sick. And the principal’s looking down on us, like, I know y’all were on vacation and I was just like, I don’t need this. I mean, I want to enjoy my life.”17:28)
  • “And it wasn’t until somebody deemed me, cause I was just sending them to people for free. And so my ideal to me and said, how much are your presets?” (18:57)
  • “…it’s $25 if you want one of them. And then if you want me to make a custom package for you, like one just for you, it’ll be a hundred for three. And she paid me a hundred dollars” (19:26)
  • “I stepped back from creating them and I put out a course to teach people how to make it themselves. ” (19:43)

The coaching chose me

  • “So I will say I did not choose coaching. Coaching chose me” (22:09)
  • “And I started to realize a lot of people were again, deeming me asking me questions because I was sharing publicly my success.” (23:23)
  • “And I was like fine at the time. I wasn’t thinking about selling my value. I was thinking about literally the time of it.” (24:54)
  • “Like I just felt like I had this anointing, this gift over me, but I didn’t really know the worst” (25:54)

Scaling up to a masterclass

  • “I went into coaching and from there it turned into, again, my laziness kicked in after those few months and I started to do masterclasses.” (26:31)
  • “I put on my story, you know, the eye emojis, Richard, like looking, sorry, dropped the eye emojis in the DSMs. If you want to know how to grow your Instagram, or you wanna know how to sell on Instagram. ” (27:31)
  • ” And sometimes I know that you can do like maybe a membership gives pop in and wants to wait. You can do like a, just drop a class or something in that gave birth to my membership. Brown group is a whirl” (29:29)
  • “But also in this next season, I really want to get back to how it was when I was doing those presets where it was 80% passive income.” (29:59)

Figuring out the structure you want

  • ” if you’re first thinking about getting started, just say, Hey, I’m thinking about putting on X, Y or Z. Would you be interested before you even create the course?” (30:41)
  • “Of course I said, I want to go fully into courses and no, I feel like there is a point to that. I have seen where you do exhaust your current audience with the products that you have is so as are necessary. I just never gave myself that time to exhaust them.” (32:36)

Back it up with your portfolio

  • “I would say my main team, I have people who come and go like I have a go-to graphic designer when I’m doing like flyers for conferences and things like that.” (34:35)
  • “If there’s nothing else you do, please have your Instagram be searchable.” (35:18)
  • “And so I go on Instagram and I was like, let me just type a personality copywriter. And the first night it was personality driven copywriter. ” (36:23)
  • “if my business were thriving, why would anyone want to work with me as a business coach? If you, if your, even your captions don’t sound good, I need you to have at least some kind of portfolio on your work too, for me to see that too, you know, that’s my thing.” (37:48)

A main and a side

  • “I feel like it takes a platform to grow a platform.” (39:01)
  • “So I always say have a main and a side” (39:47)
  • “But if they don’t come correct, it might be a no. If the energy’s not good, but stay persistent with it.” (40:20)

Repackaged concepts

  • “I’m a huge reader. I am a stickler for having a morning routine and a night routine.” (40:48)
  • “And I just, so you know, for anybody who’s like me, who likes to be all over the place. I get my books on audible. Physical and digital…” (41:36)
  • “I want to say this because there’s a lot of good stuff to steal nerd. I realize a lot of books repeat the same stuff, read a lot. You realize that everybody learned from each other. ” (42:26)
  • “…you know, a lot of people will pay more for the same thing. Just packaged in a different way” (42:55)
  • “And that was the first time I realized me and people really would just, they won’t, they will pay for access. And just to hear you say it in a way that makes sense to them…” (43:21)

Mute everybody

  • “…And that was the first time I realized me and people really would just, they won’t, they will pay for access. And just to hear you say it in a way that makes sense to them.” (45:04)
  • ” One, because it’s so easy to doubt yourself. Yeah. And compare,” (45:29)
  • “I just felt like it’s easy to want to replicate things too” (46:05)
  • “And stop looking to the left and the right. Get help when you need it. Stop waiting on help. Struggling too long for no reason. ” (46:55)
  • “And I think if anybody can understand that the power and building a team, it builds something one that’s bigger than you, but it also allows other people to have a hope and a dream that they feel like can come to a reality because you set the foundation” (49:47)

Everything about you is right

  • “…really leaning into the same things that you feel like are keeping you from where you want to be, or the same things are going to get you there.” (50:46)
  • ” I stopped trying to change those things, those were the exact things that propelled me forward.” (51:42)
  • “That is so powerful because when you understand that he made no mistakes, I mean, everything about you is right. And everything about you is supposed to be used and, and just sitting in that just feels so good and so beautiful, but it also allows you to celebrate people more.” (52:13)

Quotes and Advice from our host and guest:

  • “… but the person that I have a cape is the person who realizes that when used correctly money can really change some things.” – Isis, (05:18)
  • “your experiences create your expertise.” – Casanova, (06:20)
  • ” that the guy gave me something in my heart that somebody needs it because I don’t feel like he just gives us something just for us.” – Isis, (12:15)
  • “…when you are operating in your gifts and your calling and your purpose, I promise you things just flow.” – Isis (28:53)
  • “because you might come across somebody that feels like they have the gems, but they don’t have it themselves.” – Casanova, (37:12)
  • “I think it is definitely the power of building a team and understanding that there’s a leverage, uh, that can be had” – Casanova, (48:51)
  • “…sitting in what God gave you an understanding is perfect, how it is and understanding how everybody else is, is perfect, how they are, and we all meshed together. And it’s not about you” – Isis, (53:25)


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